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Technology Checklist for October LSAT-Flex

elena-levelena-lev Member
in General 93 karma

Hey everyone! Getting ready to take the October LSAT-Flex and I'm trying to make sure I have everything all figured out and ready so I don't have any tech-related stressors on the day of the test. I have a list below of things I'm planning on doing in the next week or so, but wanted to see if there's anything I'm forgetting or not thinking of that others would recommend.

  • Check laptop settings to make sure meet minimum tech requirements for system, etc.
  • Check internet speed to make sure up to requirements.
  • Ensure testing room does not have other electronics including watches, e-cigs, fitness-tracking devices, calculators, cameras, recording devices, iPods, etc.
  • Ensure that I have physical materials: ID, 5 blank sheets of scratch paper, one or more writing utensils, highlighter, tissues, water bottle (in plastic container).

Anyone that has taken the test or is taking this test have anything else I should do tech/prep wise? Thank you! Good luck to everyone who will be taking it with me!!


  • OldLadyKOldLadyK Alum Member
    396 karma

    Hey there! ProctorU has a diagnostic test you can run for your system to make sure everything is in order. Seemingly it prefers Chrome as the browser to use during the test. During the diagnostic test it will prompt you to download an additional extension so they can have access to your computer. I would suggest waiting until the day before to do this step, and then deleting the extension right after the test. It's fairly invasive and I didn't like having it on my computer at all, but you won't be able to take the test without out. Good luck!

  • snelllasnellla Core Member
    103 karma

    If its possible, I would suggest getting an actual cord for your internet on test day, so you aren't completely relying on wifi. It does appear to prefer chrome.

  • kchurichkchurich Member
    70 karma

    Can you clarify the "no electronics" rule? I was going to take the test in a room that has monitors on the desk and a TV. Is this not allowed, even if they are off?

  • elena-levelena-lev Member
    93 karma

    @kchurich From my interpretation, you can take it in a room with a TV, but there cannot be a desktop computer in the room, even if it is off, because they cannot monitor that computer.

    Straight from the LSAC website: "Prohibited electronic devices may not be in the room during the test because they cannot be monitored via your webcam feed. Please be aware that your proctor will not allow you to test if any prohibited electronics are noted during the room scan portion of your check-in. This includes any monitors or desktop computers that happen to be on the desk you may be resting your laptop on during the test." (Link:

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