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Stupid question about study groups

SaulGoodmanSaulGoodman Member

Sorry if this is a ridiculous question, but what do people in LSAT study groups do? The LSAT seems like such an individualized learning journey. Do you guys review PTs together or just talk about concepts that you struggle with...?


  • FautApprendreLSAT1FautApprendreLSAT1 Core Member
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    I have this same question lol. I can "see" how it helps to study with people who are perhaps on the same learning curve, have the same goals and skills as you so I wonder how the groups work here.

  • TheMommaBearTheMommaBear Member
    348 karma

    I saw someone post about how two people each do the same PT, and then as part of the BR they each argue for why they chose the answer they did (if they don’t match). It forces you to defend your choice, while possibly being swayed by the arguments of your study buddy. I could see how it could force you to see things a bit differently, and the concepts learned may be longer lasting as a result.

  • swanganieswanganie Yearly Member
    edited February 2021 294 karma

    ^That’s exactly what I do with my LR study buddy. We focus on doing our own separate BRs of an agreed upon section before we meet up to go through all the questions. So far, I've found partner study's been a good addition to solo BRing and passively watching explanation videos. YMMV but you can't go wrong with a compatible group/partner.

    I’ve seen other people on the forums say they’ll even find drills to focus on together, like conditionality concept or specific question LR/LG types.

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Member
    edited February 2021 1488 karma

    I have a couple of study partners, we choose an LR/RC/LG section to do, then we facetime/zoom a blind review together. An entire PT would take ages to go over, but sections are doable in about an hour. I highly recommend. Having to explain why you chose a particular answer really solidifies your understanding. For my study partners and I, we take turns reading the stimuli and questions, if we agree on the answer, we move on, if we disagree we talk it through and see if we can reason out the correct AC together. At the end we score it and see if there were any surprises that we both got wrong (this is pretty rare), then we might go over it again, or just listen to JY's explanation.
    To that end, working with someone who might have less of an understanding of the material can be extremely beneficial, as teaching is one of the best ways to learn!

  • tatas911tatas911 Member
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    seconding doing group BRs. My study partner and I have also taken a fresh LR section and talked through each question and AC (untimed) and kind of take the section together, eliminating ACs and deciding which one we think is correct (with good debate throughout). This helps me see in real time how someone else would process a question, what they pick up in the stimulus that I may have skimmed over, etc. This exercise also helps solidify my own understanding of concepts because I get to explain my process and reasoning in an interactive way.

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