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Scoring high 150s, looking for a tutor or group

sydlee22sydlee22 Monthly Member
in Study Groups 24 karma

Hi, I have been constantly scoring in the high 150s and sometimes breaking 160. I am looking for a tutor or a motivated, small study group to score in the high 160s for the August exam. Open to suggestions.


  • CSieck3507CSieck3507 Monthly Member
    1289 karma

    What are your breakdowns for each section?

  • Smelly CatSmelly Cat Member
    48 karma

    Currently scoring in the low 150s and looking for the same.

  • castronecastrone Alum Member
    210 karma

    I scored 172 on my las PT what do you need help with

  • jknarf513jknarf513 Member
    189 karma

    I'd love to join a group! Stuck in the mid/high 160s aiming to be consistently in the high 160s low 170s by August.

  • 145 karma


  • deweycr18deweycr18 Alum Member
    34 karma

    Interested! 160 PT average, but I know this June’s LSAT probably didn’t get me any higher than that. Goal score is somewhere in the mid to high 160s.

  • acampbellacampbell Alum Member
    12 karma

    Hey! I am taking the November test and am hoping for a 160 as well. I really need motivation so I would be very interested in a study group!

  • ecglobalprofecglobalprof Alum Member
    42 karma

    Hello, I am currently scoring in the 50s (between 151-157) and would love to join a study group. I'm also looking for someone to do practice tests with once a week and BR. I'd be really happy to join your study group, and if you'd like to partner up for test-taking, let me know! Cheers, Em

  • 30 karma

    I'm in a similar boat. Would love to work together.

  • neverondefenseneverondefense Monthly Member
    15 karma

    I'd join! PTing in the low 160's.

  • xxxanderxxxander Monthly Member
    14 karma

    Add me

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