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I suddenly don’t remember how I solved NA Qs

stmj3467stmj3467 Member

Hi yall!

So I am taking the test in a few days and I just totally forgot how to I solved NA questions. (I know this sound so dumb and ridiculous) I can solve all other questions fine but I literally just freeze and can’t do anything whenever I see any NA type. I’m freaking out big time here.

If you have any way of solving/approaching NA, I’d really love to hear it. This literally feels like I have a short term memory loss. Please send help.


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8460 karma

    The right answer when negated will destroy the argument.

  • Jahn.SnowJahn.Snow Member
    316 karma

    The correct AC will be a MBT in its original form, and as canihazJD said, the negated form will completely wreck the author's conclusion.

    Cross out ACs that, in their original form, weaken the argument (as this is obviously not a NA), and avoid ACs that SEEM to be necessary in their original form, but really aren't. The correct NA will (most likely) be soft in language, but powerful in how the negation can impact the argument.

    Hope this helps :) you've got this!

  • stmj3467stmj3467 Member
    edited June 2021 73 karma

    @canihazJD @Jahn.Snow
    Thank you to both of you for replying! I will keep these in mind and head back :)

  • clear227clear227 Core Member
    350 karma

    Another way to think about it it is that it "closes the argument loop". "If A then B, therefore B." Necessary assumption would be A, because it's the piece that's missing.

  • thinklikealawyerthinklikealawyer Core Member
    284 karma

    Hi, I also have recently had a difficult time with NA q's! They used to be my favorite as I thought of them as a puzzle, but lately I have found myself getting complacent, unable to parce out the language, making it difficult to find the correct AC. I am taking June test tomorrow, I have been reviewing the core curriculum on how to approach each question type. Being intentional about how you approach the question is key to getting the answers correct IMO. Maybe revisiting CC to refresh your mind on how to approach these q's will help. Good luck!

  • stmj3467stmj3467 Member
    73 karma

    @clearmint27 @thinklikealawyer thank you for writing down those tips! I think I have it back now haha good luck to both of you :)

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