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What made the LR section *click* for you?

pugloverpuglover Alum Member

I'm starting to get better at the test overall, and to do see improvement. In fact I'm doing much better than when I started studying for the exam. I was wondering if you guys could post what helped you learn/understand LR and make sense, any tips or advice. I'd love to hear from you guys, so I can apply that for myself in this learning process.


  • zoomzoomzoomzoom Alum Member
    462 karma

    LR started to click for me the moment I realized there is basically one skill the section is testing - the ability to think CRITICALLY.

    The moment I realized I need to just accept all the terrible BS the stimulus gave me as evidence for it's conclusion and sit and think why the evidence still does not PROVE the conclusion is when everything clicked.

    Seriously try this untimed. Literally take any argument and break out the Premises and the Conclusion and just sit there breaking down reason after reason why the Premises don't prove the conclusion. You can do this exercise a million times even in real life. Pay attention to the terrible arguments friends and family make.

    When you do this enough times, you come to realize that is essentially all LR is testing. The ability to think and evaluate critically is the key to winning on LR.

  • Jahn.SnowJahn.Snow Alum Member
    316 karma

    One strategy that got me to -3 is skipping! When you see a stim that you just cant wrap your head around in the moment- immediately skip and come back. I've found that taking that time and then giving it a second look gives me a fresh perspective on it and I either get the question correct or at the very least can make an educated guess.

  • ssop_tkdssop_tkd Yearly Member
    22 karma

    Ellen Cassidy's "The Loophole in Logical Reasoning" book helped me so much. I did 7Sage's CC first but I found that my fundamental LR skills were still lacking. I spent ~2 weeks reading the loophole book and drilling as it said, and it helped SO MUCH!!! The book helped me connect the dots on LR questions, and to understand on a deeper level how to attack LR. After reading the book, the more complicated parts of 7Sage's CC started to make way more sense (like advanced lawgic, the valid and invalid argument forms). For me, supplementing what 7Sage taught with the loophole book was a game changer. Best of luck to you!!!!

  • Glutton for the LSATGlutton for the LSAT Alum Member
    512 karma

    Understanding what the exact question types are asking, as well as reading very, very carefully. For instance, I struggled with necessary assumptions and what they even meant—but I learned strategies to tackle this question type like the "negation test," or figuring out how necessary assumptions are different from Must Be True and Strengthen Questions.

  • 296 karma

    Commenting here because LR is still my worst section. I've been studying for about 6 months and can sometimes get to -2 on sections, but more realistically fluctuate between -5 and -7.

    I think I struggle to read quickly and bucket out time.... In BR I can g between -2 and -0 on each section, but I panic for this section when the time is on... Anyone have broader tips on how to move forward with LR?

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