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Screen Fuzz

galacticgalactic Yearly Member
edited October 2021 in General 690 karma

Hello 7Sage Community,

If anyone else experienced this problem and found a solution, I'd love to hear it!

If I'm the only one with it, then this is certainly awkward. Please feel free to jump out of this post and help someone with legitimate LSAT questions.

It appears Apple has designed its laptop screens with the express purpose of being magnets for fuzzies floating around the room. I'll clean my screen off before PTing, and then in a few minutes I'm legitimately waging war with my shirt sleeve on the lines of text I'm trying to read. I believe the problem is compounded because I use a dim light setting as well - any smudge or screen fuzz really sticks out. But putting the light on high irritates the hell out of my eyes.

I feel there are strong Napoleon Dynamite (where's my chapstick) vibes coming from this post - but in any case, just putting it out into the ether to see what thoughts are out there.

Happy studying!


  • yunonsieyunonsie Alum Member
    611 karma

    Hm… an air filter so there are less fuzzies? Do you have the air con/ heat on in the room? Maybe dirty vents are adding to the problem. Have you tried windex?

  • galacticgalactic Yearly Member
    690 karma

    @yunonsie Thanks for the help! I've tried the computer screen cleaning version of windex but it hasn't fixed the problem completely. I'll definitely have to look into if there's a problem with the air quality in the room. It's a basement conference room of an office building, so on first blush it doesn't seem like there should be an issue, but I appreciate your recommendations!

  • KittyyyyyyKittyyyyyy Monthly Member
    22 karma

    Good on you for using computer screen cleaning specific windex. To anyone else, be careful of cleaning your Mac with window cleaners like Windex. It will absolutely damage the screen. If you google image search Windex on Mac, the screen gets destroyed. Try using a microfiber cloth along with some screen safe wipes. Kind of like how they clean your phones down to get all the dirt off before putting screen protectors.

  • galacticgalactic Yearly Member
    690 karma

    @Kittyyyyyy Thanks for the tip!

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