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If you bombed you're not alone

ajspianoajspiano Core Member
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Was averaging 168 a month out before the October exam and got a 158, worse than any PT I had taken after September began. I quickly cancelled since I was lucky enough to buy score preview, but I am very humbled right now. Going to keep working hard for November and possibly January for my goal score of 170, but I'm fighting inner dialogue that I'm not capable of reaching my goal. For any of you who underperformed in this iteration: I genuinely empathize with you and am sorry that you're going through the motions of processing that right now. We just have to stay true to the grind, take care of ourselves, and live to see another LSAT :)


  • BlueRiceCakeBlueRiceCake Member
    edited October 2021 302 karma

    Good luck to everyone taking the LSAT again, it's a hard test and I respect you all for just going through the process of studying for it

  • 790 karma

    Your determination and ability to look forward from here sets you apart from many people. Congratulations on making it this far, you'll get to your goal!

  • 78 karma

    I went through a similar experience in August and cancelled my score immediately. I'm set to retake in November but got swept up in life since the August exam that I barely studied.

    To anyone in a similar position: we've already put in countless hours and we still have more than 2 weeks to go. Finish strong and lets give it our all till then!

  • Mo SchaafMo Schaaf Member
    60 karma

    The same thing happened to me. Don't give up, you have already put in the work and you obviously know everything you need to get a high 160 score. You can do this!

  • Ashley2018-1Ashley2018-1 Alum Member
    2249 karma

    But what happened? That's a drastic difference in scores. Was it an awry game or passage? Or did you wake up not feeling right?

  • agraumanagrauman Member
    57 karma

    Yeah I scored well below my goal and my average pt scores. I think it was just test day nerves since it was my first lsat, it felt like I suddenly couldn’t read when I started the test….and I did the retake because my original exam was not proctored well…which made it feel like a lot of pressure. feeling discouraged but going to keep trying. Just wanted to share so that you know you’re not alone, and one test isn’t necessarily a fair judgement of your actual skills! Here’s to November being better!

  • JuniebeeJonesJuniebeeJones Core Member
    22 karma

    What was it about October? This is so discouraging,

  • CashhhyyyCashhhyyy Core Member
    583 karma

    Stay focused! Happens to the best of us. This is why LSAC will eliminate your first score from universities from seeing because many first time takers get very nervous.

  • KariOmooKariOmoo Member
    70 karma

    Thank you for sharing. Similar thing happened to me for Aug, scored -8 below average. For me, it was intense test anxiety. For those asking whether there's a specific reason bombs happen, I don't think it's that easy to nail down. It's taken me several weeks of therapy and light practice to regain the confidence I had pre-test and formulate more realistic game-day strategies. It will be different for each person.

    Remember to be kind to yourself--we got this!

  • CoolDudeCoolDude Alum Member
    57 karma

    I bombed again. Only one point increase. I think I'm going to quit. Law is not meant for me.

  • qtang2qtang2 Member
    76 karma

    I bombed in June, same score, 158! But I am back again!

  • laurennnnlaurennnn Member
    86 karma

    Same story here! PT average 169, actual score 165. May not seem huge but that's the diff between 89th and 95th percentile! Sobbed on the floor from 9-9:30, then had to log on for a meeting at my day job. This test can be so demoralizing, especially when you know (as well as anyone can) you otherwise have the skills for this career. Blergh!

  • mcrowle4mcrowle4 Member
    27 karma

    I am now done with my LSAT journey, but I want to share that I did okay on my first LSAT and then totally bombed my second. My second score was way lower than most of my PTs and completely out of range for any of my target schools. I was totally crushed. I took a few weeks off, refocused, worked with a tutor, and got an amazing score in October. It took me a year to study for the LSAT and a lot of perseverance. You can do the same! Your goal score is not out of reach I PROMISE. You have to be patient, study hard, and give yourself some grace when things don't work out. Also, October had some curveballs! Especially in the LG section. Next test day, you will be more prepared, more confident, and more relaxed. You just have to give yourself a little space and start again. Best of luck!

  • To give anyone some hope- I found myself in a very similar position this LSAT. I had been scoring PTs in the high 160s-low 170s consistently. The last PT I took before the actual October test, I scored a 157. I was heartbroken; I thought I would never regress to under 160s again. Especially since I did not think that PT was particularly hard. You have to pick yourself up and remember that the 150s score is an outlier. It doesn't indicate your skills or hard work. Shit happens. I ended up scoring a 169 this LSAT and 170+ on all the PTs I took in between this LSAT and score release (in case I had to retake.) I repeat: SHIT HAPPENS! Take me as an example, something like this could happen and literally mean nothing. Don't get yourself down or listen to any negativity. Pretend this score didn't even happen and go kill it in November! You got this!

  • apurva.swami-1-1apurva.swami-1-1 Free Trial Member
    7 karma

    @CoolDude said:
    I bombed again. Only one point increase. I think I'm going to quit. Law is not meant for me.

    No! Dont give up! Something crazy happened to me too. I got a 164 in June, and was averaging 167-171 on PTs after that but totally bombed in October and am stuck with a 154 on record. I can't even retake since I thought I would do okay and didn't register for November. Feeling disheartened but gotta stay motivated and keep going. Not a very motivating story but if law is your dream don't give up!

  • legallyjolegallyjo Member
    38 karma

    Thank you so much for sharing! Not easy but it's worth it.

  • 140 karma

    Same thing happened to me. I was at my goal of 157 PT's but when I took my exam results I got a 148. I cried the whole day and the next day took a deep breathe and reanalyzed how I can overcome this and try again in January.

  • I scored 6 points lower than my average PTs. But, I was super nervous. It was my first real LSAT and that is the grace I am allowing myself. I’m coming back for the November LSAT and feel better - significantly less anxious. I hope other first time test takers are feeling less nervous if you’re taking the November LSAT. We got this!

  • T14babyT14baby Core Member
    82 karma

    I feel your pain, so sorry. I originally scheduled my test for April and have pushed it out every month. Managing a full-time job and full-time school has made dedicated LSAT prep scarce. Now, I am scheduled for the November LSAT, 13 days away, and I am not ready. If I bomb this test, I have to push out starting law school for another year. I am not even going to apply if I score below 160. The pressure the last few weeks has been unreal. My entire future depends on this single test, FML.

  • cpeaks13cpeaks13 Core Member
    496 karma

    Seems like this happened to an insane amount of people. What do you think happened? Makes me so nervous for November!!!

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