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Need advice/tutoring to make that next jump(Scored 167 ISO 170+)

hobbietjhobbietj Core Member
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I am trying to put all my effort into scoring a 170+. RC is the most variable section, I usually go from -3 to -7. I scored a 167 on Nov LSAT, but am trying to make that next jump. LG is usually -0 but can vary with substitution questions an LR is usually -2 to -3.


  • ashahab1309ashahab1309 Member
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  • qs2159qs2159 Member
    edited December 2021 342 karma

    Hi I scored a 171 on the Oct test and PTed in the mid-high 170s before the test.

    For RC improvement, active reading helped me the most. Check out the response from one 7sage tutor within this post

  • RaphaelPRaphaelP Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    The issue seems clear: RC inconsistency. You can score in the 170s with a -2/-3 on LR (although ideally get that to around -2) and a perfect LG. But you need -2 to -4 on RC for this math to work out.

    The big thing is to figure out what's happening for these -7 RC sections. When I have students struggling with inconsistency, I encourage them to build a replicable "timing/section strategy" where they, in essence, do the same thing every time they take a section. I encourage them to standardize how much time they finish with, how many questions they flag, how long to spend on the passage, etc. This can be very helpful for reducing inconsistency because you train yourself to basically do the same thing on each section.

    I'd also be curious about the source of your inconsistency. Is it sometimes you don't finish on time/feel rushed? Or do you just get stumped with some hard passages? The former is a timing issue, while the latter is fundamentals.

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