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Careful Reading Difficulty

fitzmau5fitzmau5 Monthly Member

Hey everyone, I was wondering if people had any tips --
What I've found I struggle with the most is close-reading on the LSAT, specifically Logical Reasoning. I tend to zoom over words, or not digest the prompt enough, etc, etc, etc. Sounds silly, but it's definitely what kicks me in the face on difficult LR questions. I'm taking my LSAT at the end of April, and this is still my weakest area after a few months of studying.
Any advice? I'm willing to do anything at this point to fix this issue.


  • daniel616daniel616 Alum Member
    32 karma

    This used to be one of my biggest issues as well. I still experience issues with skimming over important parts of the stimulus from time to time. But I have improved in this area and the biggest contributor to this improvement was certainly the 'Introduction to Arguments' and 'Grammar' lessons in the core curriculum. I'd recommend reviewing them if you have the time.

    Be sure to study key words, including premise indicators, conclusion indicators, words used to transition from context to arguments (but, although, however), etc. Once you get the hang of this, you will recognize the structure of an argument faster and this will help you to focus in on the important parts of each stimulus.

    Another recommendation I have heard people provide is to slow down when reading the stimulus, especially on harder questions. The time to speed up is when you're skimming through the answer choices, not when you read the stimulus. Once you finish the stimulus, if you have an idea of what the answer will be, that is when you should read the answer choices quickly to identify the correct one.

  • woahhhbrowoahhhbro Alum Member
    35 karma

    Not sure how fast you are able to do the sections but personally if i know i cant get myself to read a question right i try and save it for the end rather than brute force it. my brain is pretty stubborn so sometimes i just need to leave it for later. It doesn't always work though most of my misses on LR are from not fully reading the prompt correctly and missing a key small word.

  • fitzmau5fitzmau5 Monthly Member
    14 karma

    @daniel616 @woahhhbro Thank you!!

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