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Powerful vs Provable is the Key to LR

olaebodaolaeboda Alum Member

I think I have learned the key to LR.

Overall you can classify most LR questions by the type of answer they are looking for.
1. Powerful: AKA answer choices that are broad and strong
2. Provabe: AKA answer choices that are not broad and are specific

Powerful Question Types
Sufficient Assumption

Necessary Assumption
Main Conclusion

If you focus in on these chareteristics of correct answer choices you will be able to rule out most of the time 3/5 answer choices. Leaving you with a 50 percent chance to get the answer correct. Once you've done this you look at the two answer choices and look to see whats wrong with one rather than whats correct about one.


  • Webby_GangnamWebby_Gangnam Alum Member
    553 karma

    Why are you reiterating stuff from the Loophole, lol

  • legallyblondelawyer-1-1legallyblondelawyer-1-1 Monthly Member
    82 karma

    Yeah I read the loophole and this is helpful but sadly not a consistent strategy. Sometimes there is no language in a question that is necessarily powerful/provable - especially on the tougher questions.

  • Ad HomininAd Hominin Alum Member
    16 karma

    Ellen Cassidy?? lol

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