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Just scored a 148 and plan on taking the October LSAT

dacooperjrdacooperjr Alum Member
edited July 2022 in General 13 karma

How much can I realistically improve by then? I’m aiming for high 150s to low 160s.. LG was my best section. I struggled with LR and RC


  • smoothlikebuttersmoothlikebutter Monthly Member
    16 karma

    it completely depends on you. we can't predict this for you unfortunately

  • allydambro44-1allydambro44-1 Alum Member
    52 karma

    you have so much time to improve - i am taking the august LSAT (i began studying in may) i took my 1st prep test and got a 147 - my most recent one was a 164 - it takes time and practice!

  • smoothbrainsmoothbrain Alum Member
    128 karma

    My best advice to you is first, foolproof LG - aim for a -0. That way you can give yourself a bit more of a buffer to miss LR and RC questions. My next bit of advice is ensure you are next to 100% accurate on certain question types in LR that should be considered freebies (MBT, MBF, SA, Main point). As well, commit to memory the indictors (group 1,2,3,4), and the valid and invalid argument types. Id recommend drilling these using quizlet or cue cards every day before and after every study session. My biggest jump in score happened after I started doing this (it makes parallel flaw/parallel MOR questions so so so much easier to grasp). Beyond that, stick to a strict study regimen and do not skip BR when you take PTs. I had a 145 --> 171 score jump in only 3 months of studying, so it is absolutely possible! It's just a matter of diligent studying, and making sure you have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of lawgic.

    Best of luck! you can do this :)

  • WhatslsatWhatslsat Alum Member
    476 karma

    Yes some people can improve really fast if studied hard! I agree with above!

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