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Anyone know the predications for the November LSAT?

gurpreetk35gurpreetk35 Alum Member

Is the crystal ball prediction out?


  • MinasianLawMinasianLaw Member
    50 karma

    what is that

  • blanklawblanklaw Member
    490 karma

    They did one that combined both October and November... -- I think there's a link to it on one of these posts...

  • KaylanieKaylanie Member
    53 karma

    Here you go! Happy listening:

  • gurpreetk35gurpreetk35 Alum Member
    195 karma

    @MinasianLaw said:
    what is that

    Hey so its a prediction that powerscore does on what we can except to be on October/November LSAT.

  • gurpreetk35gurpreetk35 Alum Member
    195 karma

    @Kaylanie said:
    Here you go! Happy listening:

    thank you that link didnt work but i found it!

  • LSATstudier22LSATstudier22 Member
    91 karma

    @gurpreets35 Can you post the link? Thank you!

  • claremontclaremont Core Member
    590 karma

    We can't post links, but if you go on their LSAT default page you can get access to the Oct/Nov crystal ball.

  • jfpasquellajfpasquella Member
    2 karma

    Anyone have a link that works? Neither of the above seem to.

  • noah-1noah-1 Member
    edited November 2022 17 karma

  • mellosbrmellosbr Member
    15 karma

    @"noah-1" said:

    This was the most useful video I have ever watched. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • @"noah-1" said:

    thank you so so much!

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