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Cancel or Keep October LSAT Score

Catherine-12Catherine-12 Alum Member
edited November 2022 in General 61 karma

I took my first official LSAT in October and I definitely did not do as good as I knew I could've. I was super nervous and I blacked out at the second section and I felt so disappointed in myself that I low-key gave up on the other sections, prompting me to get a score of 152. I'm going to take it again in January and hopefully I won't be as nervous and really be able to use my brain, knowledge, and skills I've learned for the past 8 months of studying.

SO, what should I do, should I cancel my 152 or keep it? I want to go to USC Gould and I know the LSAT range is a lot higher than what I got, but I know the next time I take it I'm giving it my all and not second-guessing myself as much as I did. So what do you guys suggest?

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  • lazarus7lazarus7 Alum Member
    edited November 2022 207 karma

    Rule of thumb: law school admissions consultants often advise to never cancel a score that is 150 or higher. Keep it, that way you at least have a score on file AND when you do get a higher score'll show growth, grit, and determination which law schools love to see. Also, don't believe the median range hype. Law schools often admit below medians, in consideration with other factors of course. Congrats on the great score, even despite all that happened. There is ALWAYS a learning curve when taking your first real LSAT. Now you know what to expect next time. Be proud of yourself and can't wait to see how high your next score will undoubtedly be.

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