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CAS GPA vs. University GPA

victoriazh1205victoriazh1205 Core Member
edited June 2023 in Law School Admissions 5 karma


Does anyone know that which gpa is more important when the AOs evaluate our application? Because I transferred twice during undergrad. My current school’s gpa is high. But the CAS gpa will be light 0.3 lower than my gpa now. Any advice for that? Please let me know!Thank you guys.


  • tinacioust-1tinacioust-1 Live Member
    117 karma

    your CAS GPA is what admissions will see first and foremost, it is also what your admitting school is able to post and what influences their incoming class stats - so it's more important. But 0.3 doesn't seem a huge difference. They'll have your transcripts and will see the overarching trends. Not much to do about it tbh.

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