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⚖ Official June 2023 LSAT Discussion Thread ⚖

Cherry - Student ServiceCherry - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
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Hey 7Sagers,

Here's the official June 2023 LSAT Discussion Thread.

REMINDER: Under your Candidate Agreement, you may not discuss the details of any specific LSAT questions at any time. For the June 2023 LSAT, general discussion of what sections you had, or how difficult you found a given section, or speculation about which sections were scored or unscored, is prohibited until after 9pm ET, Tuesday, June 13th.

Posts that violate these rules will be taken down and may result in disciplinary action from LSAC. Let’s work together to ensure the test is fair to everyone, and not share information before everyone has taken the test.

Some examples of typical comments:

The following comments are okay 🙆‍♀️
- the section on Cambodian woodworking really had me second guessing everything.
- a few of the games had me confused but think I was okay.
- overall fair test, struggled on a couple of RC passages (damn you polymorphic molecules) but think I was okay hoping for a -2 or -3

The following comments are over the line 🙅‍♂️
- the passage on Cambodian woodworking didn’t count.
- I had Cambodian woodworking, Fireflies, and rice farming in Iowa so Lithuanian Lithograph Libraries was experimental.
- fair test but struggled on a couple RC passages (polymorphic molecules anyone? Thankfully it didn’t count). Don’t want to take again in June
- Anyone know if Polygamist Societies in the 1880s was real or experimental?
- Please tell me that polygon dice game didn’t count

Good luck to everyone taking the June 2023!

Please keep all discussions of the June 2023 LSAT here!


  • tinacioust-1tinacioust-1 Live Member
    117 karma

    games was going great until I hit the musicians game, had to guess on on a few 🥲 got two RC sections which was also a first for me. some genuinely interesting passages though, I was so excited about whales lol

  • aimtru219aimtru219 Alum Member
    16 karma

    First post ever: Please God count the 2nd LR!!! lolbvs
    I was halfway through the musician thing in LG before I realized I should’ve rotated the game board 90 degrees… and afterwards that I missed a key inference. Doh! Still feel great thanks to JYs courses! They’re literally a game changer!

  • trevorNYCgoaltrevorNYCgoal Core Member
    303 karma

    Overall the test seemed pretty reasonable, the only two moments that had me really questioning things were the musician game and the Skepticism passage.

  • 32 karma

    Yea the Skepticism passage definitely threw me off a bit and I had to make a couple guesses but overall it wasn’t horrible!

  • Heyhey1234Heyhey1234 Core Member
    94 karma

    The philosophy RC passage Was.. something else..

  • hangdazhanghangdazhang Alum Member
    35 karma

    RC was another level It might be my first time doing a reading and only knew the low-res. Even the low-res was very low. And one of the games was harder than usual

  • isapalmers-1isapalmers-1 Alum Member
    27 karma

    I was only able to finish two RC passages. Both Logical Reasoning sections seem okay to me. The LG section was a whole beast though. I was only able to finish two games as well. This test has left me with so much anxiety.

  • mikalyn.greenzweigmikalyn.greenzweig Live Member
    498 karma

    Felt like this was one of the more reasonable test I have taken, but having two RC passages definitely takes a toll on you during test day. Thought the passages about AI and whales were very interesting, so I'm happy that they were able to keep my attention.

  • aheminger97aheminger97 Alum Member
    edited June 2023 96 karma

    Two LR sections. Felt like the games were relatively straightforward, but definitely struggled with the Alice Munro comparative passages...

  • strangjstrangj Core Member
    14 karma

    Are we allowed to comment on which sections we had now?

  • LonnTheDonnnLonnTheDonnn Alum Member
    edited June 2023 15 karma


  • ThereHUGO 170ThereHUGO 170 Live Member
    28 karma

    The RC was brutal for me.

  • edited June 2023 32 karma

    How is everyone feeling about receiving the results in a couple of weeks? I’m a little nervous that I’m going to have to take the LSAT again.

  • Tzvi___HTzvi___H Alum Member
    204 karma

    I'm nervous too.
    At least it's early in the cycle so it won't be so bad if you take it again with hopefully a higher score.

  • ecmiller89ecmiller89 Live Member
    9 karma

    Felt a strange inversion of what I expected. After getting bodied by LG for weeks I cruised right thru it and then got whopped by the RC... which I thought was my strength.

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