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Study Group for the January 2024 LSAT with 150s-160s scorers

AmericanInJapanAmericanInJapan Live Member

πŸ‘₯ Study Group Name: Let's Kick A

πŸ”’ I'm currently scoring: 176

πŸ“† My planned test date: January 2024

πŸ“ˆ To study, I have been: drilling drilling and drilling

πŸ”‘ My goals for this group are: I learn best by teaching rather than listening so I want to teach others the concepts so I know that I understand them. It would be cool to have a small group so we can learn from eachother.

πŸ” We'll focus on: Logical Reasoning

πŸ“š When we'll meet and what we'll do: I live in Paris so am on CET, but can meet pretty much anytime. Zoom or Google Meet.

βœ… How to join: PM me here on 7sage.



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