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jaredj229jaredj229 Alum Member
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I signed up for 7Sage in July, planning to take the LSAT in October. I quickly realized that there was no way for me to absorb and internalize all the information I needed in time to be ready for that administration, so I postponed until December. I studied nearly every day for the next 5 months, working through the curriculum and a seemingly endless barrage of practice tests. By the time I sat down to take the real thing, I couldn't read a question without hearing JY's voice in my head guiding me to the right answer. I just got my results and I couldn't be happier. I added 12 points to my initial diagnostic and even scored 1 point higher than my best PT!

To those of you slogging through the course, keep at it. This test is brutal. It demands some serious sacrifice and can take a huge psychological toll on you if you let it. But if you stay focused, put in the work, and take advantage of the guidance that is available on this site, that work will absolutely pay off.

And to JY, Jonathan, Dillon, Pacifico, Nicole, and everyone else who has built this community and helped to create an effective, fun environment in which to prepare for the LSAT, THANK YOU! You've helped put me, and many others, in the best possible position as we prepare to take the next step toward a career practicing law.


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