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How are you preparing for writing section?

dchoi121dchoi121 Member
edited July 2013 in General 41 karma
I'm wondering how is everybody preparing for the writing section? Any sharing will be appreciated.


  • Kyle JanzenKyle Janzen Member
    17 karma
    Honestly, I'm not bad at writing so I don't plan on 'really' preparing for this section. It's important to remember that it is not marked. If you are planning on studying, I would take a look at some previous writing sections and be able to write a compelling argument.

    I know it's probably not much help but hopefully JY can help you a bit more!
  • Mark RobinMark Robin Member
    40 karma
    I would agree with Kyle; this is one of my stronger areas so it will not require nearly as much preparation. Having said that, I believe it is good practice to see how they expect it structured and to practice a few 2 page essays based on the criteria. Usually, if I recall, it is based on arguing in favor of some position given a set of criteria.
  • Dr. Zer0Dr. Zer0 Member
    2 karma
    The writing section is not part of the LSAT score so I wouldn't bother spending time studying for it. That being said, I also wouldn't leave the writing section blank. Just look at 2 or 3 writing samples to get a feel for what to expect.
  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    13494 karma
    Hey guys, I think this got buried in the forums.
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