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Accommodations: can I send emails to LSAC and add information?

strasvery-deletedstrasvery-deleted Free Trial Member
in General 161 karma

So I have applied for accommodations, but I did not explain why I do not have previous records or papers in the statement because there was not enough space to put it.
Can I send an email to them to explain it now? It's about a week, but I have not received their decisions yet.
Or should I wait for decision and if I'm denied or asked to submit additional documents, then send emails and explain it?
Is there anyone sent emails to add information to your statements?
Once it's denied, would it be difficult to acquire the accommodations even though we submit additional statements or documents?



  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
    12637 karma
    Unsure since this doesn't come up often, but you can always call LSAC and see what they say.
  • strasvery-deletedstrasvery-deleted Free Trial Member
    161 karma
    Right...thanks, I'll call them then. Thanks for your response.
  • Matthew524Matthew524 Member
    651 karma
    As an accommodated test taker I recommend you to wait until after they give you a response. I didn't receive accommodations in any institution prior to the LSAT but it didn't hurt my chances of receiving it. I was still approved for my accommodations without explaining why I didn't receive prior accommodations in school or other exams.
  • strasvery-deletedstrasvery-deleted Free Trial Member
    161 karma
    Thanks for your advice. When did you get their reply? Did you get their reply within 14 days?
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