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Try some professionalsim 7 Sage

ddromneyddromney Alum Member
edited September 2014 in General 24 karma
Is it really necessary to be dropping f bombs and swearing through out the lessons? This is your product that you as a business are selling to customers. Don't assume that just because your customers are young they don't expect professionalism.


  • dhanneetdhanneet Alum Member
    138 karma
    I think you've been studying for too long! Lighten up.
  • The 180 Bro_OVOThe 180 Bro_OVO Alum Inactive ⭐
    1392 karma
    1. I doubt this is the most appropriate place for this concern. Try emailing JY directly.
    2. I find his approach to be both engaging any humorous.
    3. There is not a constant stream of profanity as you seem to imply.
    4. In the real world, people curse. I'm sorry if that comes as a shock.
  • unrealsimonunrealsimon Alum Member
    48 karma
    I remember him saying it like twice...
    But if you are concern just email JY he's really nice, though I'm sure he's just trying to lighten the mood and make the lessons less tedious with occasional jokes and profanity.
  • Nilesh SNilesh S Alum Inactive ⭐
    edited September 2014 3438 karma
    @ddromney First of all, I (and I can safely say that the VAST majority of people who subscribe to 7sage) LOVE (read not l - i - k - e but L - O - V - E) the way JY (and Jon) teach... I agree that you can have a different point of view... but here's my 2 cents... IF you don't like the product THEN don't purchase it... if you purchased it and it wasn't to your liking then sorry but 'caveat emptor'... instead of trying to tell other people how they should be getting their house in order... take your cash elsewhere... this is a country where you can vote twice... once at the ballot box and once more at the cash register... so use the power that you have. Hope you have a great LSAT ;) Cheers.
  • madeleinemadeleine Alum Member
    259 karma
    It's JY's humorous, engaging style and RARE profanity (let the record show, this is not squandered on low hanging fruit; indeed, an expletive is often warranted for these questions) that brings light to an otherwise dark world of LSAT preparation.

  • David WayneDavid Wayne Member
    571 karma
    I think JY has cursed in videos about two to three times at max. And your argument presumes both a specific definition of professionalism and also that its presence is inappropriate to an audience of college students.
  • GraceloverGracelover Alum Member
    440 karma
    LOL. Are you sure you are not trolling?
  • GraceloverGracelover Alum Member
    440 karma
    I find this hilarious!!
  • GraceloverGracelover Alum Member
    440 karma
    Just don't listen to it on full blast in church or at a funeral or around your gram and gramp
  • Nilesh SNilesh S Alum Inactive ⭐
    edited September 2014 3438 karma
    Also.... sorry to be picky about a minor point... but you got the spelling of professionalism wrong in the subject heading. My bad... OCD.
  • NellysLSATNellysLSAT Alum Member
    edited September 2014 186 karma
    Is he dropping f bombs and swearing through out the lessons?
    If you direct your concerns to 7sage administration they would assist you. They are very open to ideas/concerns on ways to improve our learning experience here.

    I can find a few gaps in your argument. so it maybe beneficial for you to try the course.
  • JscootinJscootin Alum Member
    edited September 2014 27 karma
    If you are bothered by a little cursing in a professional environment then you probably shouldn't be considering becoming a lawyer.
  • Curtis90Curtis90 Alum Member
    39 karma
    I'm sure professional lawyers at big firms dealing with high stress situations are careful to use words such as "shoot" and "darn".
  • GraceloverGracelover Alum Member
    edited September 2014 440 karma
    LOL LOL LOL LOL @ Curtis90...Maybe they say, ah "bullsunshine," instead of bulsh@#$#%, "what the cloud?" Instead of what the f@#$^^# , "Heart you!" instead of F@#$% you, and my boss is a rainbowing cloud of flowers instead of @#$%^&%#$@!$%^&!!!!!
  • chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
    827 karma
    If you can't handle a few curse words... good luck being a lawyer.
  • psbrathwaitepsbrathwaite Legacy Member
    207 karma
    One of the reason's 7sage is particularly successful is because of it's down to earth, shit-fuckstacular approach. .
  • ONuellaOONuellaO Alum Member
    210 karma
    There are always two types of people, so he's allowed to voice his concern, no matter how outrageous and inappropriately placed it is...
  • polsckenpolscken Alum Member
    edited September 2014 199 karma
    Haha. Romney, LOLz!! I fucking love the fact that JY and Jonathan are real people.
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
    edited September 2014 3658 karma
    JY, the 7sage faculty, and this community are awesome.

    FYI: Profanity doesn't bother me...typos do. (Check your discussion thread title.)
  • joegotbored-1joegotbored-1 Alum Member
    802 karma
    I'm sad I didn't get in on this love fest earlier. To the fellow who started the thread, you could ask for a refund if you're within your 14 day period of purchasing.

    To everyone else here... I love you.

    @ttunden - I've never said it before, I've always held my tongue. You've repeated this same exact comment several times on these boards. Either substantiate it, or let it drop. If you keep practicing you too will see the magic in your number. What you seem to disbelieve is likely the reason so many people came to this post to defend JY's methods. They work. The bump is real.
  • edited September 2014 82 karma
    You meant to say "throughout the lessons."
  • alwaysusanalwaysusan Alum Member
    113 karma
    Good authors keep it real. Using some profanity is real. Thus....
  • edited September 2014 82 karma
    It is not professional to use contractions either. You should have said, "Do not assume that just because..."
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ⭐
    3658 karma
    @alwaysusan: Hahahahah. I'm totally taking that for myself. Thanks. :)
  • edited September 2014 310 karma
    you misinterpreted me

  • joegotbored-1joegotbored-1 Alum Member
    802 karma
    @ttunden if that's that case, that you've met some of these people in real life and checked their scores, then so be it. That said, I still think you should let it drop. If you won't call out your friends, then stop talking about it. That said, if someone has a good tip, I don't care if they score 119, I want it. If they feel more confident sharing it when they bluff a score, then that's fine by me.
    The substance is all that matters.
  • mjjohns6mjjohns6 Legacy Member
    418 karma
    Looks like you're going into the wrong field buddy LOL
  • Almost a BoomerAlmost a Boomer Yearly Member
    357 karma
    ddromney, I didn't notice that JY used profanity until you pointed it out; too busy paying attention to the fucking awesome contents. Thanks for your uber useful comments. Needed that good laugh!
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