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GPA and LSAT correlation

Marco AntonioMarco Antonio Alum Member
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I have been having doubts because I GPA and LSAT score are hugely correlated. I am having doubts about whether I will be able to push my LSAT score past where it is now (162) and I want to know what other people's thoughts are. In particular, splitters, I want to know how your experience was studying for the LSAT and getting a 170+ score. I want to get there by June. How realistic is that? Should I just take what I get in June.


  • calcal101calcal101 Alum Member
    edited December 2017 582 karma

    I'm a reverse splitter, but absolutely…going from 162 to 170 by June is possible. There are people who are probably trying to see that improvement in time for February (not that I'd recommend that!). Take it one PT at a time--and don't rush through PTs

  • Seeking PerfectionSeeking Perfection Alum Member
    4423 karma

    I am a splitter at some schools below 25th GPA above 75th LSAT. I gained 8 points from my February take to my September take(172-180). I only studied for 3 and a half months or so during the summer, but I studied close to full time. I definitely think 8 points is attainable in the time frame you are talking about.

    All the usual advice probably applies. If you haven't already, perfect games by foolproofing. Either carefully blind review LR and RC to study for those sections(this was my main studying approach for them). Alternatively, if 7 sage analytics shows you missing one sub-type more often go back and redo that section of the core curriculum and then drill that question type a little. Finally, I found it very useful to keep pictures of all the LR questions I had ever missed and go through the reasoning of them whenever I had spare time or when I took a walk. You could also use flashcards or cut out the questions to attain the same effect.

    I wasn't aware of a strong correlation between GPA and LSAT score, though there probably should be some correlation and I believe you that it is strong. However, any correlation between the two undoubtedly is not examining the effect of people studying for months using 7sage. I'm sure that a bunch of us end up with scores well above what a regression based on our GPAs would predict.

  • OlamHafuchOlamHafuch Alum Member
    2326 karma

    I'm sure there is some correlation -- intelligence certainly plays some role in both -- but I'm also sure that it would depend on the reason for a low GPA. If a person simply didn't try in UG but has woken up and is busting it for the LSAT, then there's probably no reason to think that their GPA should have any predictive value for their LSAT potential. I think that many, many splitters probably fit the above description. If, however, a person got a very low GPA because they're not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, then yes, I'd think that achieving a really outstanding LSAT score would be somewhat of a stretch.

  • PandaRamenPandaRamen Alum Member
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    Although I do think there is some correlation, it is also dependent on your UG major. I know the LSAT is a beast for every single test takers, but I think some majors train the kind of mental processing and approach for specific types of sections. For STEM majors, where I fall, the logic games comes naturally and is quite fun, but I am really struggling on the Logical reasoning, and lets not even delve into the reading comp abyss. But I think it all comes down on mental prep you do before test days. I complete agree with the posters above. Also I read somewhere that splitters with mid-GPA and high LSAT are regarded in a more positive light than high-GPA mid LSAT.

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