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  • Something that I recently learned about is the standard 509 report that every ABA approved law school releases every year. You can easily Google this and find the reports. They are available to everyone. I asked this same question to a Brooklyn Law …
  • Easier LR section then LG. the momentum and feeling of knowing you are in this test now helps when seeing those games as opposed to seeing it first and panicking
  • Yea, I have that same question as CrushLSAT. After taking it the last time I wouldnt want to take it again but if a school would take me because those scores were improved it would make sense to try taking it again. And also to push the question a b…
  • Any thoughts?
  • @"Not Ralph Nader" Wow, that is a very long time but the results you achieved are first class. I am in a similar boat and I honestly which my life circumstances allowed me to have that much time or a little less to devote to the LSAT. Being in NY an…
  • @"Not Ralph Nader" How long were you studying and how many P-Tests did you go through before starting to reach that range of scores? and also which section would you say was your weakest? Just interested in the journey you took as that is the bigges…
  • Nice job. You already have a great place to work with because RC is seen as the hardest to improve in and LG the easiest. You have a great shot at bringing your score up a lot now. If you mind sharing, what do you think helped you most to get to tha…
  • Logic Games was my area of the most struggle. Didnt know what to do with the facilitator stuff in that one game. If a full explanation of all the logic games is released soon that will be great. not sure how soon 7Sage people do that though.