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  • Heavily under performed than what I know i'm capable of. I simply just wasn't ready, the six weeks I put in were not enough. Chin up to all like me that are a bit disheartened today don't sweat we'll have our day some time down the road.
  • Did worse than expected going to work hard and re-write my LSAT again probably in September.
  • If I have to wait another day i'm honestly going to lose it. Sending prayers out for us all
  • @USER123456 said: @gbanipal said: Does anyone have an educated guess as to what the curve possibly could be? How would anyone know that? Besides looking at historical trends (…
  • @Kewlaidd said: I highly doubt that What do you mean by that? Do you think it might arrive earlier or later? Based on previous trends from past years when do the test results normally come in around
  • I have dreams were I scored a 171 and wake up to reality then other times where I scored a 148 or something. The test now feels like the easy part, I just want these results back so I can know what i'm doing moving forward