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Jordan McMahon


Jordan McMahon
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  • Hi everyone! Apologies on the delay, life has been getting crazy. I've actually opted to take a different career path, so I won't be taking the LSAT. I DO still have my mind maps, and I'd love for the community to have them and be able to share them…
  • I may be completely backwards in my thinking and if so I'm in trouble. Anyways. I think it's tricky. The negation for "some" is "none," correct? So if you had, for example: LSATstudents some 7SageUsers The contrapositive would be /7SageUsers none /…
  • @sarkisp23 I'm glad you're taking the extra time! We'll get through this! And thank you so much, that means a lot! I think you've got this as well!
  • @emli1000 Yeah flash cards are insanely useful. I carry mine with me everywhere haha. If I could bring them to work I totally would.
  • @emli1000 No kidding? I'll have to look into that! I've been using MindNode because it lets me use custom fonts and I'm a huge design nerd hahaha.
  • @emli1000 Perfect! Downloading the app right now! Thank you so much!
  • @emli1000 Just checked it out! This is awesome! It beats the thick hand-written stack I've been carrying around hahaha.
  • @emli1000 Take your time! Thank you so much! I'll be using them to flesh out the maps and I'll send them back your way!
  • I've struggled with this. My initial plans were to take last September, then December, then February, then June, and now I'm planning on October. It's a bit of a hit on your confidence because you feel as though you should be farther along. You want…
  • Everyone who's asked so far should have received their maps! I'm working on the next few but I'm trying to figure out the software I'm using to do it. They'll look good though don't worry!
  • No problem guys! I'm glad to help! @emli1000 I have all your Study Guides bookmarked and I need to go through them but do if you have any Docs you could share I'd definitely appreciate it!
  • @markushageylikman Yeah I'm always happy to have help! If you know of any mind maps you could make, or anything visual you can come up with, by all means share it here and we can make something digital to share! I'm more than happy to help out the c…
  • The map has been sent to everyone who's asked! I'll be making more shortly, so as they get finished I'll fill everyone in and send them out! Let me know if you're still interested in getting the maps!
  • Hey Guys! I just wanted to update everyone on where I'm at with these. For my own personal use, I'm hand-drawing the maps but I know a scanned image might not be ideal for everyone, especially because I'm including imagery in my personal copy. What …
  • @brna0714 @nicole.hopkins I'll send them to y'all once they're finished!
  • @DumbHollywoodActor What's your email address? @blah170blah They're still hand-written so I'll be scanning them but I'm looking for a good mind-mapping program as well. If you're still interested let me know.
  • @Emili1000 It's totally worth it! That and Somm, which is an incredibly motivating documentary.
  • Slightly off-topic, but something that has kept me motivated is the movie Whiplash. If you have a chance, check it out. Aside from being an excellent film, there's a lot there to relate to as far as pushing yourself as far as you can go.
  • Everyone here has given solid advice thus far, and I think there's a lot to take away from all of that. I wanted to share a bit of my personal experience, though, which has a bit of a different approach. So I struggled with not getting to where I …
  • Hi! I'm currently in the process of studying for the February LSAT, but it's likely that I'll end up taking the June test if you'd like to study together.
  • @vaughnolson Diagnostic was 155, right now we're still churning through LR. Still have a ways to go on LG.
  • I'm not in NY either but I'm studying with someone else from 7Sage and we were looking to form an online study group if either of y'all are interested.
  • I'm taking the Feb 2015 LSAT, and I'm looking for a study partner as well. I'd be interested in a group study as well, so @tanes25, @jyang72, @JosephCJameson, if y'all are interested let me know!
  • Studying full time for February, I'd love to have a study buddy. jordand00d on Skype.