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  • I took PT 60 today and got a 170. It's my first 170+ score, so I'm very happy. Not sure I noticed anything too different on this test. Same old types of questions, just more emphasis on assumption type questions. Anyway, if there is something differ…
  • One of the secrets to timing is being able to skip questions. That is all there is to it. Most of those who are able to go through the test flawlessly don't have to do this, but most of those who take the test aren't going through the test flawlessl…
  • Well I use Firefox and PC. But, I just fixed it. I reconfigured my speakers and swapped the subwoofer for the center speaker ouput and now it works. I doubt that will help anyone haha, but it worked for me.
  • Bump. My sound isn't working anymore either. I had downloaded Adobe Flash Player and it was working for a moment, but it no longer is. It's the explanation videos and not the LG videos or lesson videos.
  • This is for the explanation questions on the prep tests. The other lessons work. Thanks.
    in Sound Comment by clay7760308 July 2014