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  • the second LR section was just released when PT90+ came out; so because LSAC hasn't technically released the license out to 7sage, 7sage can't post the second LR section on here
  • A couple things: What kinds of questions are you getting wrong? Is a mix of inference, attitude, strengthen/weaken questions? This is a good starting point. How long are you taking to read the passage? It's helpful to spend more time on the passag…
  • the whole point of reading the stimulus first and coming up with a CLIR/Loophole (before reading the question stem) is so that you get faster at analyzing arguments in the future, no matter what kind of question stem comes to you - SA/NA/conclusion/…
  • Requires: Eating healthy requires eating an adequate amount of fruits and veggies every day. Eating Healthy --> Adequate Amount of F and V (If I want to eat healthy, then I have to eat an adequate amount of fruits and veggies every day) Req…
  • So I'm just gonna make something up to (hopefully) help you out here...say we have the following: Unless I finish my homework tomorrow, I will not go to the mall on Thursday. I finish my homework tomorrow = A I will not go to the mall on Thursday…
  • I wouldn't worry so much about timing at this point if you have just started problem sets. If it takes you a while to understand and comprehend the stimulus, that's fine! That's the key to understanding what is going on in the argument. If you're fo…