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Weaken Q Problem Sets (timing)

AlwaysBeClosingAlwaysBeClosing Alum Member
in General 87 karma

Hey guys, I just started doing problem sets and I am having issues with the timing aspect of it. It takes me a while to understand and comprehend the stimulus. As a result, I am usually rushing through the last 2 questions with less than a minute left.

For those of you that have experience.. when did you start seeing improvements in timing? Do you have any advice for improving the speed at which you comprehend/understand the question?

I appreciate any suggestions.



  • soupdishsoupdish Member
    69 karma

    I wouldn't worry so much about timing at this point if you have just started problem sets. If it takes you a while to understand and comprehend the stimulus, that's fine! That's the key to understanding what is going on in the argument. If you're focused on time, that'll prevent you from really taking the time to understanding the stimulus. The more time you spend really understanding a stimulus, the faster you will get at answer questions over time.

  • AlwaysBeClosingAlwaysBeClosing Alum Member
    87 karma

    Hey thanks sassyloni for your advice!
    I started not to worry about the time and I'm having a way better time.

  • Heinz DoofenshmirtzHeinz Doofenshmirtz Member
    481 karma

    I agree with the above comment--- after drilling a lot of questions untimed, I found that I could speed through the easier questions because I had just internalized the process, as well as the trap answer choices. You said that you just started problem sets so id so go ahead and do them untimed! :)

  • GodsPlanGodsPlan Member
    176 karma

    Yeah honestly I think speed comes with mastery / familiarity of the content. Like main conclusions (usually no matter what difficulty) just make sense to me at this point because of how fundamental it is to find conclusions. But yeah, you only get better through good practice and good testing habits (being able to switch from being able to predict an answer [when you can], to POE and "feeling" out the right answer when you can't.)

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