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Does the page keep force refreshing for anyone else? I took the drill for the third time, and this time, the page crashed while blind reviewing.

Wrong message please ignore it

Yes I believe that is accurate. The author repeats theories and conclusions from scientists, but doesn’t form their own conclusion based on the scientists information. Typically we’d see something like “… therefore Pandas are more similar to Racoons than they are to bears…” (this is just an example of a conclusion, not necessarily true)

I don't think I get it. so for Q12 it should be both ways? that one has to be out and one has to be in?#help

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8/8 omg

Wow you are so clever

Couldn't G technically repeat and not violate a rule? If it was paired once with J then again with O (or vice versa)?

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6/7... 13 got me

Why would Timmy be a tiger if we are given that specific argument form? How can we infer that? Timmy can also be a lion for example. Not all wild animals are tigers but all tigers are wild animals. How would this argument work backwards?


I think this information is interesting to learn for the first time. A lot of this is a mass amount of information jam packed into small extensive paragraphs that we have to break down. I think learning this is about going over it again and again and really testing yourself to see how well you’re doing. I hope in the process of learning this, we can all help each other out.


What about

A some F???


Why is it not the case that "If you bloom for 3+ months, you are amenable to the tastes of the emperor"? JY presents it in the reverse.


is it the case that /A→/B is the same as A→B

#help Q3

I'm sure he explained this somewhere but I'm struggling with why E→R doesn't work.

Thank you

15 Minutes 12/12.... Something is finally clicking in my brain haha

Have hope!

wait for A I thought Tabaco is just some special type of cigarette...

I botched this entire game because I completely overlooked the fact that exactly three tenants are pet owners. Sweet

be careful of 'if' statement is MSS questions answers, if there's no conditional logic in the stimulus.

Hi! In what lesson did we learn about Argument Part?


19→W, so 1 should be W

I did the same thing. Now I understand it is the row immediately behind instead of the seat.

#help Q2
Why is not the case that /B←s→/S

omg I can't focus on the actual question because of ur-anus. "That's weird"

Agreed. I guess you have to realize that one is the best option compared to the rest. The question stem does say, which one would the author "most likely agree". The rest they more likely wouldn't.

#help . I have this question too. It looks to me like you could say that if Joffrey kills Robb then Joffrey can't kill Sansa.

If unemployment rises only if investment decreases, then wouldn't you have to write that as ID -> UD?

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#help Q2

Why is it not the case that R→/F

Thank you, I appreciate any help.

I chose C because it seemed to suggest that something else contributes to cancer, thus intorducing another possible cause.

This was really easy for me which is making me suspicious if I'm even doing it right

wow lol....1/6 timed and 5/6 BR the timer realy messes me up haha

You can do that however, I'd get in the habit of mastering these so it becomes second nature. I wouldn't always want to write “and/or” because it's a waste of time on the real exam.

Yes. I too have ADHD - inattentive type. What helps me is if I view myself as a baby learning to use the potty for the first time. Be gentle with yourself. Talk to yourself as if you were talking to a young child beginning to walk. Tiny little steps at a time. And reward yourself.

Did you fool proof all the games in the curriculum until you got perfect? How did you improve?

Got the questions right but it took me 25 minutes. sigh

No - the question stem says that all other conditions still apply. The new premise just rules out which worlds can exist.

Didn't map because as others have said, I'm not going to have time to do with every 23 or so LR questions, so I'm trying to get used to not writing out. Chose B and I still don't get why B isn't correct, based just off the first sentence of the stimulus. Most people don't do research, of those, some rely on brokers and the rest rely on hunches. How is that not saying that therefore, most investors rely on brokers or hunches? #help

okay really struggling to understand why A is the correct AC, here is my thinking for why I eliminated it:

If we negate A and the crater was not a sufficient size to cause the mass extinction, why on earth would they go through all of the trouble of analyzing the crystalline structure of the rocks to see whether or not it is the culprit? Wouldnt they just know that it was not big enough to have caused it and moved on without bothering to analyze the rocks?

I thought the whole investigation and argument depended on them thinking it the crater could have cause it...


Yeah I had the same. By valid form 9, that checks out

the exact reason I eliminated AC A was the exact reason why it was the correct AC. nice. love this for me. feels so good!


I don't believe so because whenever the government forces they have to make changes. When the government doesn't force it they have no need to change it.

i spent time trying to diagram the premises until i looked at the answer choices and just eliminated those that are clearly wrong

#help . For the first one could I do group 4 since there is a logical indicator for group 3 & 4. If that's the case would my answer be correct?


The "Kind of like the sentence you just read." part made me feel better about not getting what the heck was going on lol.

Is it safe to assume that we should automatically negate something if we see "not" in front of the idea? Like we did in question 1 for example

Where would zero fall under in that case?

Hello, good job here. Everything you wrote is correct except the ending about embedded conditionals. So basically for your dog and cat example, if you wanted to do an embedded conditional then you would do this:

D or C ---> R

D or C or --->R

not (/D and /C)--->R

D and C --->R

The correct embedded conditional is this:
D and C --->R

#help . Does this mean that when a sentence is a group 3 or group 4 then there is a good chance that it ends up being a contrapositive? So both of them have to be both negated and positive.

i am so proud of myself for getting this one right. i got the other ones wrong, but this one seemed to be easy enough to map out.

A good tip that I try to keep in mind is avoiding inferring. I used to think these types of questions meant that the stem would allude to one of the answers but I would constantly get them wrong. Use only what you have to support the correct answer and you should be fine.