If I buy consulting now, how long do I get to work with you?

We’ll work with you until you finish submitting ten applications. We require that you submit those applications within six months of each other, although you don’t have to submit them within six months of purchasing the Consulting package. You can, for example, purchase in January and submit your first application in December. We would require that you submit your last application within six months of the first one—by the following June, in this case.

When should I start?
If you know you’d like to work with us, you should purchase sooner rather than later: you’ll simply get more time with us. We don’t have to begin working on your essays right away, but a preliminary conversation might help you prioritize and plan your cycle. We’ll help you figure out what to do when so that you can maximize your study time, write exceptional essays, and submit as soon as possible.

What if I start working with you on my applications but decide to delay until next cycle?

If you haven’t submitted any applications yet, we can finish what we’re working on and pick up where we left off next year. For example, if you’re still working on your personal statement when you decide to delay, you should finish that before you ride off into the sunset, but we can start your supplemental essays when you return.

If you’ve submitted any of your applications, we won’t be able to work with you again next year.

Do you offer discounts?

Although we periodically announce edit giveaways and pro bono consulting opportunities on the discussion forum, we have too many deserving students to offer discounts. Check out our full enroll page for more affordable options. You can always upgrade to Admissions Consulting later.

Is there a cheaper option for applying to, say, five schools instead of ten?

Unfortunately, no. Because most applications will require similar materials, the work involved in preparing five applications is not much less than the work involved in preparing ten.

Is there a refund policy?

We have a qualified 14-day refund policy. If you change your mind, let us know within 14 days of payment to get a full refund less $250 per hour of our consultants’ work time.

Do you help with Canadian law school applications? 

Yes! Although our former admissions officers worked in American law schools, we have experience helping Canadian applicants.

Do you help with joint JD-MBA programs? What about joint JD-LL.M. programs? What about other joing-degree programs?

Admissions Consulting is designed for JD programs. If you want help with the MBA, LL.M., or other non-JD portion of a dual-degree application, get in touch.

Can you promise I’ll get into law school?

Your LSAT scores, undergraduate GPA, character and fitness issues, and other factors over which we have no control set the parameters of your acceptance odds. If your LSAT score and undergraduate GPA are below a school’s medians, you probably won’t get in, no matter how good your essays are. Our strategic and editorial inputs are more likely to help you edge out candidates with similar numbers than they are to help you leapfrog candidates with better numbers.

In other words, we’re not magicians. We can’t promise that you’ll get into a given law school; we can only promise to make your application stronger.

Whom will I work with?

We pair you with our consultants on the basis of availability and experience. For example, certain consultants have more experience working with applicants to Canadian JD programs; others have more experience working with international applicants.

You can see our team here: https://7sage.com/admissions/about-us/.

Is there a contract?

There sure is. You can see our consulting contract here.

Should I apply now or next cycle?

If you have to ask, it’s probably getting late in the cycle—which means that you should consider purchasing Admissions Consulting now and applying next cycle. That has a few advantages:

  1. You’ll have a better chance of getting into law school.
    • Law schools admit students on a rolling basis, which means that the earlier you apply, the more spots are available.
  2. You’ll get more for your money.
    • We’ll help you through an entire cycle, so you’ll be able to work with us for longer if you apply next cycle.
  3. You don’t want to rush your application.
    • Writing well takes time!

👉Purchase Admissions Consulting.👈

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