Last-Minute Tips

Big-Picture Questions

  • Did you follow the application’s instructions for all documents?
  • Do you sound arrogant, bitter, overdramatic, or entitled?
    • (But it’s okay to give the details of a hardship! Just report it in a factual way.)

Attachment Questions

  • Did you proofread your documents?
    • Read out loud. Look at every word.
    • Track your changes as you proofread so you can make sure you don’t introduce a new error. (And proofread again after you make changes).
    • Look for common mistakes.
  • Did you format the essays correctly, and add consistent headers to all of them?
  • Did you use consistent file names?
    • {your name} {thing}
    • e.g. “David Busis Personal Statement.docx”
  • Did you accept all tracked changes and delete comments?
    • You can also submit a PDF.
  • Did you attach the right essays?

Advice about the Process

  • Don’t submit to your top choice first. Do a test run.
  • Review the PDF of your application.
  • If there’s anything on your application that you’re unsure about, just call a timeout.

Lesson Note

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