Questionable LSAT Addendum

Last summer, I was diagnosed with inattentive ADD and prescribed a daily dose of fifteen milligrams of Adderall. I decided to postpone taking Adderall until after I had taken the LSAT for the first time because I was afraid of potential side effects. While the score I earned in September 2014 accurately reflects my abilities at the time, I felt confident that I could score higher. When I retook the LSAT in December, I had been taking Adderall for two months. However, my body was not fully adjusted to the medication, and I felt both psychological and physical side effects. On test day, I felt increased apprehension and anxiety as well as an increased heart rate. During the first section of the exam, I suffered a panic attack and did not answer six questions. After starting the next section, I was able to regain control of my emotions and I felt confident from that point on. Since there was a fifty percent chance that the first section was experimental, I made the decision not to cancel my score.

Living in Turkey where Adderall is unavailable, I have found other ways of dealing with my ADD. By practicing daily meditation and developing more effective study habits, I have increased my productivity and focus. I still struggle with ADD, but this has incentivized me to learn more about my own physiology and to develop better study habits.

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