What questions should you ask a law school admissions officer?

Speaking to an admissions officer is an opportunity to connect with someone who can influence the outcome of your application or merit award. When you visit an office of admissions, you can make a strong impression by asking some questions about the school and its programming:

  • How large are the 1L sections and how are students divided?
  • How large is the average legal writing section?
  • Can you tell me about the opportunities to get practical training during the semesters? (Clinics? Field clinics? How many do you have?)
  • What percentage of 2L students participate in practical training opportunities? How competitive is it get those opportunities?
  • What sort of resources are available to expose students to different practice areas?
  • How many journals do you have and how many 1L students grade on and write on?
  • If Iā€™m interested in Public Interest law, what sort of summer stipends are available?
  • What sort of assistance does the school provide 1L students to find legal opportunities during their 1L summer?
  • If I am interested in working in a firm in XXX city, what resources does the school provide to help me do that?
  • Tell me about the firms that recruit during On-Campus Recruiting? How many firms come from city A, city B, city C?
  • How many international students have been in the most recent incoming class and what countries are most represented?
  • What sort of study abroad opportunities are available and when do most students go?
  • Does the school have a mentor program that matches new students with current students or faculty members in certain practice fields?
  • What sort of programming does the school provide to inform students about employment opportunities other than Big Law?
  • Are there opportunities to take courses outside of the law school in the greater university system? Business school? Graduate school? Comparative law studies?
  • Can you connect me to an alumnus who practices in the field I'm interested in?

These questions will help you decide which programs might be a good fit for you so that you don't have to decide by rankings alone.

Here are some questions you should NOT to pose to an admissions officer:

  • Why should I go to your school?
  • What are the chances of being admitted/getting a scholarship?
  • What are my chances of getting admitted off the waitlist?

These questions are likely to annoy an admissions officer because they cannot be answered on the spot.


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