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Thanks you for reviewing my application and taking time to thoroughly review it. Although I received a waitlist, I would like to express my continued interest in WUSTL. The admissions office at WUSTL has been nothing but kind, answering my numerous questions WUSTL is my top my choice, and has been throughout my entire application cycle. In fact, WUSTL was the only law school that I applied to early on, in hopes that I would be accepted and not have to even think about applying elsewhere. I have heard nothing but praise about WUSTL from alumni, and I hope that one day I may consider myself among that group. I believe that I have what it takes to succeed at WUSTL. Having studied Chinese for several years, I believe that it has taught me how to be disciplined, as well as given me a competitive spirit. As for contributions to the student body, I think that my diversity would be a contribution not only to the university but also to the city, as St. Louis itself has a very small Hispanic population . I hope that when seats become available, that you will consider me once again.

Thanks for being so hospitable.

Yours Truly,

Fat Chance


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