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  • AJL 2020

    TL;DR: If you can, work with Brian Booker and Brigitte Suhr, and purchase the full Admissions Consulting package.

    I had an incredibly rewarding—and, honestly, fun—experience working with Brian and Brigitte. I’m so thankful to have had experts with such impressive backgrounds and considerable experience by my side as I crafted my essays (Brian has a Ph.D. in English as well as an MFA; Brigitte has a JD from UVA and worked for their admissions team as well).

    I found their experience and talents helped balance my application and led me to outperform my numbers—because of their support I’ll be attending a T14 law school and received many other admissions results that I couldn’t believe, including from HLS!

    Honestly, my experience was so good that I almost asked them both to review this post before I hit “submit” (of course, it’s clear that I didn’t enlist their help because this has been a bit long winded and more dry that I’d hoped—something Brian and Brigitte would never let happen).

    While I’m confident that any member of the 7Sage team will make the admissions process much easier and much more enjoyable, I can say with 100% certainty that if you’re fortunate enough to work with Brian and Brigitte, you’ll be in excellent hands.

    Best of luck to all!

  • thegoldfinch

    Jonathan Gharraie has been so incredibly helpful helping me craft a personal statement. He took the time to get to know me and my story and ensured my voice would not be lost throughout the process.

    Writing the PS seemed very daunting at first and I was very overwhelmed with the sheer amount of ideas I felt I needed to include. Jonathan helped me parse through what was really important. I remember once, he said something so profound (paraphrasing): as a writer, sometimes your favorite line is the one that needs to go; however, if you are able to write something as good as that line, then you can write something even better in the future. With this insight, I was able to write a PS I’m very proud of.

    Jonathan was also readily available to video chat and talk with me whenever I needed advice on edits. Working with him reduced my anxiety about my app and reassured we could get it done in time. I can’t recommend him & 7sage’s service enough!

  • gracecannell

    I worked with Susannah who was an absolute blessing during this process. She edited countless versions of my personal statement and Why X School essays, she was happy to talk whenever I was stuck, she provided quick feedback, and she made sure my applications were flawless. My LSAT score was below my dream school’s 25th percentile, and I truly don’t think I would’ve been accepted without her guidance. She saw my strengths and helped me articulate them, and I’m proud of every essay I submitted. While the admissions consulting package is expensive, it was worth every penny. Thank you Susannah, I’m so grateful!

  • ethanhaughie

    I bought Edit Once and worked with Nora Miller and all I can say is — WOW, her help was invaluable. She was incredibly thorough and thoughtful with her review, providing a sentence-level edit to tighten and revise each element, while also giving me three pages of extensive thoughts on how to restructure and reorient the whole essay to more clearly bring the narrative arc out. I was blown away by her attention to detail and ability to think creatively about my essay in such a smart way. Can’t recommend her and this service enough!

  • jugolo96

    I worked with Aaron Thier on my personal statement and other optional essays and the experience was beyond anything I could have imagined. I have often been someone that preferred to keep my work to myself and not ask for feedback, so I was a going into this as a little bit of a newbie in this realm. Aaron is incredibly talented and what I appreciated above all, was his quick identification and ability to protect my personal voice. I ended up reading his book Mr. Eternity, which I recommend if you are into philosophical questions embedded in a beautiful and highly intelligent prose, and realized just how deep his understanding of language and voice are.

    As others have noted, considering the level of effort and investment expended on every other part of the application, it only makes sense to consider an investment in your essay writing just as essential. In my case, Aaron was instrumental in giving me the confidence I needed to take my essays to the next level. I had provided a series of ideas for my PS and I was surprised by the one he recommended exploring. Once I had a first draft, I started to understand the potential he had seen in it and totally bought into what I originally considered underwhelming. My PS turned out really well, and I absolutely loved how Aaron made sure that my voice was always front and center. This really goes to show how valuable an experienced and talented eye are in this process.

    If you are looking for someone to write your essays, this could not be any further from that (I also highly discourage that approach, since the only way to show your true self in a sea of numbers, medians, and rankings, is to make the essay writing process your own). I initially feared that would be the case and I would end up having to ‘protect’ my writing in some way. However, I was very pleasantly surprised with the mastery with which Aaron was able to guide me, make me feel confident in my writing, and prompt me to reevaluate certain passages or stylistic choices in a seamless manner that did not overpower my own process.

    On an interpersonal level, Aaron was awesome to work with. He was professional, enthusiastic, always seemed invested, was very quick to respond (even too quick!), and very friendly. All in all, I cannot recommend this enough. In an very competitive cycle, your essays are what is going to separate you from the pack. Having someone as intelligent and experienced as Aaron help you find and showcase your voice is invaluable.

  • bigchungus

    I applied during the 2020 – 2021 admissions cycle, and I purchased the “Admissions Consulting” package. The help was worth every penny, and I am blown away by the many incredible acceptances that I was able to receive. I worked with Aaron Thier and Gail Dauer, both of whom were phenomenal — they were both so knowledgeable, helpful, and kind, and they were able to provide tons of constructive feedback and identify weaknesses in my essays that I had failed to consider. In addition, it was with both of their help that I was able to transform the initial, rather generic draft of my Personal Statement into a much more intimate and specific story that revealed my character and motivations. I am confident that writing this stand-out personal statement with their help was one of the reasons that I got accepted to many of my top choices — among them Harvard Law, where I will be attending this fall. I honestly could not recommend the 7Sage admissions consulting service enough, and it has been the best investment I’ve made in my life so far. Think of this service not as a “purchase”, but rather an “investment” into yourself and your legal education — arguably one of the most important and long-lasting investments you could make!

  • BriLawSchool

    Lee Cole was an absolute wonder to work with! The corrections were great and really helped– but that’s not why Lee was so great, since that’s really what one expects. What I didn’t expect– and what really made this spectacular– was the uplifting messages they would put into the emails. Those built my confidence up to where I’ve applied at some reach schools I wasn’t going to initially, and I have had amazing success. I know LSAT and GPA are the main factors, but the personal notes written on acceptance letters almost unanimously referenced the personal statement– the same one made infinitely better by Lee!

  • Kim98765

    I worked with Ethan Madore and his help was tremendous. I didn’t think I would need much help beyond grammar issues because I knew what I was going to write. I was wrong. Ethan helped me restructure my essay and make it way more concise and focused. I would never realize how ineffective the original essay was as an personal statement without seeing the final result. Ethan is a savvy writer and is responsive to my very specific questions. I highly recommend him. If you can digest his suggestions, reflect on your own writings, and ask meaningful questions, you benefit quite a lot from Ethan’s expertise.

  • hasum8888

    I used 7sage during the 2020-2021 admissions cycle. I was a splitter with a high lsat score and a competitive, but below median, GPA for the schools I was targeting, mainly the T14 and the T6. My consultant Jocelyn Glantz and the rest of the 7sage team worked with me through dozens of essays drafts that allowed my app to stand out and have the impact it needed when it went to review by admissions committees, and they did for a price far more affordable than their peer firms in the law school admissions consulting industry. In the end, I was admitted at four t14 schools, two of them in the top 6, and am attending Columbia Law School this upcoming fall. 7sage was pivotal in helping me achieve that outcome, and was worth every single penny I paid for the service!

  • HLEGC.2003

    I applied during the 2020-21 admissions cycle and purchased the Unlimited Editing package. Adrienne Raphel was awesome to work with! She gave me detailed and insightful feedback on each draft of my essay, which I think really helped me create a genuine and interesting personal statement. I know that it was partly due to the help of 7Sage that I was admitted to my dream school–Harvard Law–even with a GPA below their 25th percentile!

  • Legally Brunette-1

    I had the most amazing experience working with Tony Andrews on my personal statement, and I couldn’t recommend him enough! He provided me with thorough and focused feedback, and he really understood the vision I had for the statement and helped me bring it to life. I feel much more confident about it than I would have otherwise, and I am so glad I did it. I would recommend Tony’s amazing service to anyone looking for help!

  • desireealee98

    I purchased the unlimited edit with Lulu Dewey. Having her guidance and advice during the writing process made the entire situation less daunting. She was incredibly patient and encouraging while providing constructive criticism that was specific and timely. Whenever I had doubts or questions, she made herself available to talk through them and I always left our calls with a clear direction on what to do next. Whether it was the brainstorming stage, the drafting stage, or final revision stages, I felt grateful that Lulu was there to help me whenever I had trouble. I would definitely recommend this unlimited edit service and shoutout to Lulu, thank you so much!

  • csanchez7

    This was my third cycle applying and I knew I needed help. Prior to purchasing the full admissions consulting package from 7Sage, in previous cycles, I was either rejected or waitlisted (never admitted) at every school to which I applied. In comes Sarah Cohen from 7Sage to help me with this cycle—today, I deposited at a T-13 school with a full-tuition scholarship during the most competitive admissions cycle to date.

    In previous years, I had a story to tell in my personal and diversity statements, but I could not communicate this story effectively. Sarah was patient enough to hear my whole life story (literally) and helped me to craft a narrative that was both true to myself and which positioned me in the best possible light to the admissions committees. When it came to my character & fitness statements (juvenile record containing drug and violent offenses) I was so impressed by Sarah for helping me to frame these issues in context with the rest of my story. My C&F statements became almost a second personal/diversity statement and flowed naturally with the rest of my application. Everything felt cohesive and polished.

    Completing great applications is laborious. At times, I felt discouraged because of failure during my previous two cycles, and I was exhausted of all the essays and applications. In comes Sarah… She pushed me to keep on revising my drafts, to research each school and reach out to clinics and professors, and to go above and beyond in every possible way that would give me an edge. I always felt that I had a team in my corner backing me up, and it seemed that Sarah wanted to see me succeed more than I did! On top of that, the relief of not being on my own during this cycle and still being able to submit quality applications while working multiple jobs was priceless.

    I really could not have done this without Sarah’s help, and I will be forever grateful. This was the best investment of my life, and it paid off more than 100x over with that full ride at a T-13 school… Thank you Sarah!

  • WesternBird

    Short version: Use whatever version of 7sage admissions consulting you can provide. I purchased the full package and worked with Kristen and Selene. Both of them were phenomenal. Kristen’s editing really helped bring out a storyline in my application materials I otherwise would have struggled to develop and ensured I was submitting my best writing. Selene’s strategic guidance was invaluable in navigating the law school process, which for someone without undergrad law school advisors, was incredibly helpful. I also used the 7sage LSAT study course and I cannot speak more highly of the 7sage team!

  • Wafflesplease

    I am beyond grateful to have worked with Meghann Banacki in a particularly competitive cycle. 
    Meghann made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. She seemed genuinely interested in my story and helped me craft a coherent narrative that was apparent throughout every component of my application. She was very flexible, thorough with her feedback, and respectful of my opinions. I am confident that working with Meghann and following her advice gave me an edge in this cycle. Thanks to her, I will be attending Columbia Law with a fantastic scholarship! 

    I hope some of you have the chance to work with her. She truly is amazing!

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