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  • paralegaltolawyer3

    Thanks to David’s guidance, I have been admitted to a top 20 law school (with scholarship). The Admissions Comprehensive Consulting was expensive, but worth every penny. David helped set up a payment plan that worked for me, which was awesome. Going into this process with a terrible LSAT score and average softs, I figured I would be lucky to be admitted into a small regional school.

    David taught me more about writing than any class I’ve ever taken. He walked me through every aspect of the process, which made the application cycle stress free. Law school is a huge investment, and if you want to ensure you’re putting the best version of yourself out there, 7Sage consulting is a no brainer. I could not recommend his services enough!

  • kyoungy_

    I worked with Aaron Thier on two essays, and I highly recommend Aaron and this 7Sage service to anyone in the application process. Below are the reasons why I think you should at least try the basic ‘Edit Once’ plan on 7Sage Admissions.

    1. We all spent at least six months on the LSAT, four years on our GPA, and at least a couple of years on our Resume. It is only logical that we give our Personal Statements (and other required essays) some comparable investment. Personal Statements matter a lot, as we’re all told, and the service was worth every penny. (I was eventually on the ‘Unlimited Edits for Two Essays’ plan.)

    2. This whole process of applying to Law Schools was daunting. At times I felt helpless. Aaron was incredibly kind, encouraging and supportive throughout the way. It didn’t feel like I was being judged on my writing; it consistently felt like I was being helped on my writing. This mattered a lot to me.

    3. The two fields of expertise that Aaron brought was incredible. Not only was his expertise as a professional writer invaluable, but his experience of reading countless other Personal Statements made it possible to put my essay in good perspective. All combined, Aaron provided clear direction of what to do, and what not to do. This aspect was something that I hadn’t really thought about before signing up.

    4. The fast turnaround was great too. Aaron sent me back his edits and thoughtful comments within two days until we finalised them. This meant that we both didn’t lose momentum on the writing exercise and its content – this was important. (Having said that, please do give yourself a good two to three months to shape your essays.)

    5. If you’re someone who’s not comfortable talking about yourself, then, again, you should try this service. I generally hate talking about myself in front of strangers, but hey, you have to do what you have to do, and it helped me a lot to have someone as a sounding board. In this regard, Aaron recommended a Diversity Statement topic based on my Resume in which I will be forever grateful.

    Again, please try out the basic ‘Edit Once’ plan first. That’s what I did. Eventually, you’ll find yourself upgrading to the higher plans as I did. It was entirely worth it.

    Thank you so much, Aaron!

    ps. (I’m waiting to get results from a T14 school.)

  • CocoZhang

    I have already left my review, but I would like to give an update review, since I have been accepted by Harvard Law School! David has been enormously helpful throughout the whole process, and I can’t achieve this without the help of David. I’d recommend David to all of you!

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  • codyy173

    I worked with Daniel Castro through my personal statement, and I cannot recommend this service enough. I was working a 60+ hour a week job during this process, so I needed the extra guidance provided by Daniel to keep editing and keep refining. We went back and forth about 6 times and each time my PS got so much better. He helped me choose a topic at the beginning, but also throughout the process, he helped pull out some extra ideas to add in to the essay. Highly recommend the unlimited personal statement package.

  • quackpot

    I purchased the full admissions package and worked with Kurt and Christy throughout the summer and into the Fall for my applications. I had a great experience! Kurt really helped me to emphasize the important part of my essays and cull out any unnecessary fluff. I felt like I had a story to tell, but I really didn’t know how to tell that story, and having 7Sage really was invaluable in helping to guide me in the right direction. I think perhaps most importantly, Kurt kept me focused on working on my applications, and staying on track! As someone that tends to really procrastinate and get stuck on writing, this was definitely something I needed.

    I am now at my dream school in the T14 after getting my acceptance decision in record time! As a heavy splitter who sat on waitlists all of last year, I can wholeheartedly say that going for the admissions package was worth it.

  • michaelmichael

    I paid for the unlimited editing for a single essay. It was worth every single penny. I worked with Aaron, and he was fantastic. Here’s why:
    1) he’s an excellent editor. We went back and forth a number of times, and each of his ideas, suggestions, and edits were insightful and thoughtful. He’s just good at this job. My first draft was strong, but I am thrilled with the final product. It’s important to be confident when you submit your essay, and I really am.
    2) He was really efficient. I thought this process would take a long time, but he was so prompt with his replies. That really helped move us along at a great pace.
    3) He’s accommodating – he listened to all of my concerns and even had two phone calls with me. He was really patient and I didn’t feel like I was annoying him
    4) He’s pleasant to work with. His “customer service” was really top notch. He’s funny too, and that came out at times. He seems like the type of person I’d hang out with

    Studying for the LSAT and jumping through all these hoops for admissions is really stressful. This part of the journey wasn’t stressful, and that’s important. I’d highly recommend this service, and request Aaron if you can.

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