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  • paralegaltolawyer3

    Thanks to David’s guidance, I have been admitted to a top 20 law school (with scholarship). The Admissions Comprehensive Consulting was expensive, but worth every penny. David helped set up a payment plan that worked for me, which was awesome. Going into this process with a terrible LSAT score and average softs, I figured I would be lucky to be admitted into a small regional school.

    David taught me more about writing than any class I’ve ever taken. He walked me through every aspect of the process, which made the application cycle stress free. Law school is a huge investment, and if you want to ensure you’re putting the best version of yourself out there, 7Sage consulting is a no brainer. I could not recommend his services enough!

  • kyoungy_

    I worked with Aaron Thier on two essays, and I highly recommend Aaron and this 7Sage service to anyone in the application process. Below are the reasons why I think you should at least try the basic ‘Edit Once’ plan on 7Sage Admissions.

    1. We all spent at least six months on the LSAT, four years on our GPA, and at least a couple of years on our Resume. It is only logical that we give our Personal Statements (and other required essays) some comparable investment. Personal Statements matter a lot, as we’re all told, and the service was worth every penny. (I was eventually on the ‘Unlimited Edits for Two Essays’ plan.)

    2. This whole process of applying to Law Schools was daunting. At times I felt helpless. Aaron was incredibly kind, encouraging and supportive throughout the way. It didn’t feel like I was being judged on my writing; it consistently felt like I was being helped on my writing. This mattered a lot to me.

    3. The two fields of expertise that Aaron brought was incredible. Not only was his expertise as a professional writer invaluable, but his experience of reading countless other Personal Statements made it possible to put my essay in good perspective. All combined, Aaron provided clear direction of what to do, and what not to do. This aspect was something that I hadn’t really thought about before signing up.

    4. The fast turnaround was great too. Aaron sent me back his edits and thoughtful comments within two days until we finalised them. This meant that we both didn’t lose momentum on the writing exercise and its content – this was important. (Having said that, please do give yourself a good two to three months to shape your essays.)

    5. If you’re someone who’s not comfortable talking about yourself, then, again, you should try this service. I generally hate talking about myself in front of strangers, but hey, you have to do what you have to do, and it helped me a lot to have someone as a sounding board. In this regard, Aaron recommended a Diversity Statement topic based on my Resume in which I will be forever grateful.

    Again, please try out the basic ‘Edit Once’ plan first. That’s what I did. Eventually, you’ll find yourself upgrading to the higher plans as I did. It was entirely worth it.

    Thank you so much, Aaron!

    ps. (I’m waiting to get results from a T14 school.)

  • CocoZhang

    I have already left my review, but I would like to give an update review, since I have been accepted by Harvard Law School! David has been enormously helpful throughout the whole process, and I can’t achieve this without the help of David. I’d recommend David to all of you!

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  • awceifffa

    I worked with Aaron Thier this admission cycle and got accepted to a T6 school (my dream school! which was a reach as I was a reverse splitter), along with several other T14 schools. Working with Aaron was the best choice I made during the application process. When I first started with the one time edit service for my personal statement, I was genuinely satisfied with the substantive and detailed comments Aaron sent me, so I ended up purchasing the Unlimited Edit package and later the Comprehensive Consulting package, even. Because I had to send in so many application materials for more than ten different schools, I had so many essays (personal statements, diversity statements, why X school essays, optional short answer essays, etc) to write and the thought of having to finish all those essays on my own was quite overwhelming. But with Aaron, whenever I was stuck, or whenever I sent him an unpolished draft, he would (with an amazing turnaround time of usually less than a day) respond with substantive, meticulous, and helpful comments and answers. With the comprehensive package, I was able to send and receive drafts back and forth with Aaron, ultimately sending in all my application materials (double checked and proofread by a professional proofreader, even!) on time. To me, working with Aaron was especially wonderful because I could really feel that Aaron truly cared about his clients and their personal/academic growth, and his considerate emails gave me so much reassurance during a period of intense anxiety and paranoia. I would wholeheartedly recommend Aaron and 7Sage Admissions services to anyone preparing to apply to law school(s)–you won’t regret it and it is definitely the best investment to make to increase your chances of acceptance!

  • natwillsie

    When I first started writing my personal statement, I was unsure about how I wanted to structure or theme it. Luckily for me, Conor Ahern worked with me through the Unlimited Edits package and turned my paper into something I am proud to submit to law schools. He had many suggestions, and he gave me the ability to be myself and create a wonderful paper. His turn around time was exceptional, and he even worked with me during the holidays. Although it is an investment, I highly suggest purchasing Unlimited Edits, because it will allow you to continually work with someone until you are incredibly satisfied with the finished product.

  • Ngugiguthiongwa

    Rachel Yoder was an incredibly helpful and very thoughtful editor. She asked questions, gave constructive feedback, and was quick to respond to my emails and edits. I’m terrible at writing reviews, but I am most happy to write this one. If you have the opportunity of using 7Sage, I strongly recommend working with Rachel.

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