⚠️This predictor is based on self-reported data from Law School Numbers, and you should take it with a grain of salt. If your LSAT score and GPA are both below a school's medians, that school is probably a reach.

Law School Admissions Predictor

Disclaimer: Admissions outcomes are based on numerous factors including your background, the strength of your essays, and the current needs of each school. This tool is only meant to give you an idea of where you stand. Your mileage may vary.

Use your highest LSAT score and your cumulative undergraduate GPA according to LSAC*. Select the month you expect to apply. You can use the filter box to search for a school, click a column heading to sort your results, or hover over your estimated chances to see a tooltip of your admission probabilities by month.

If you haven't yet submitted your transcripts to LSAC, use your cumulative GPA according to your undergraduate institution or estimate your LSAC GPA.

*To find your cumulative GPA, log into LSAC, then click this link: https://os.lsac.org/Apply/Transcripts/AcademicSummary.aspx . Scroll to the bottom of your Academic Summary, where you'll find a section labeled "SUMMARY," and read your "Cumulative GPA."


Our data is self-reported and may be biased. We recommend that you use our predictions as one reference point, not the final word.

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