Help us expand access to the legal industry.

At 7Sage, it’s our mission to make LSAT prep and law school admissions services accessible and affordable to every applicant. At the core of this effort is our dedicated team of consultants, tutors, editors, and customer support staff who leverage expertise and technology to help our students succeed. We’re leveling the playing field—join us.

Our Culture

Our remote workplace is fast-paced and friendly. You might be a good fit if you’re a self-directed people person. 7Sage offers excellent work-life balance. We work as efficiently as possible—and then relax.

Our clients are law school applicants primarily in their 20s and 30s. Though we work with students all over the world, the majority of our clients are located in North America and our meetings tend to run in US Eastern Time. That being said, all positions are fully remote—we welcome applicants from anywhere.

Open Positions

SAT Instructor/Curriculum Developer

7Sage Sales Manager

UX/UI Designer

Content Creator

LSAT Tutor

Writing Consultant

Law School Admissions Consultant