J.Y. is leading a twelve-hour long LR workshop over four nights (three hours per night) for four students to provide an intensive and comprehensive overview of all foundational concepts and their application to all types of LR questions.

Session 1 - March 31, Friday, 7pm - 10pm EST
Session 2 - April 1, Saturday, 7pm - 10pm EST
Session 3 - April 2, Sunday, 7pm - 10pm EST
Session 4 - April 3, Monday, 7pm - 10pm EST

Free. But! There's a $150 deposit to reserve your spot. If you show up on time and participate for the entire duration of all sessions, your deposit will automatically be refunded fully at the end of the workshop. Otherwise, it is forfeit. Please make sure you can attend the entire 12 hour long workshop.

No spots left

Frequently Asked Questions
How will you select which four students will participate?
First-come, first-served. The first four students to successfully place the deposit will be selected.

What if I'm the fifth person to sign up?
Since there are only four spots, you will be automatically refunded.

Who should take this workshop and what will be covered?
Beginners. This means you haven't finished the Core Curriculum yet and you're not starting to take PrepTests yet. Imagine the workshop as a fast paced overview of the entire Core Curriculum that pertains to LR. We'll cover theory and we'll apply that theory to actual LSAT questions. It will be highly interactive and hence the limit of four students. Wherever you are in the Core Curriculum, this a great way to solidify the concepts covered.

Can I sign up even if I'm not a beginner?
Yes, you can. I'm certain that it'll benefit you to return to concepts covered in the Core Curriculum. I'm also certain that you will find it very slow at times since I will be speaking to students on the assumption that they are beginners.

Do I need to have a paid 7Sage account to sign up?
Yes, you do. If you have an expired account, message Dillon and see if he's willing to reactivate it for you.

What materials are used in this workshop?
The workbook that you will be provided with will contain LR questions from PrepTests 54, 55, and 56. Yes, we will be "burning" those PrepTests in order to get a closer look at the modern LSAT.

What do I need to do to prepare for the workshop if I get in?
You should print the above mentioned workbook. You should be in a quite space where you can talk freely. You should have a fast internet connection. You should have headphones or earphones ready.

How do I attend the workshop?
The workshop will be hosted on Go To Meeting, like all of 7Sage's webinars. Instructions and meeting location will be sent to you once you've successfully registered.

Will there be more workshops in LR / LG / RC in the future?
Yes. This session accommodates east coasters who work during the day. Future sessions will accomodate others.