We’re making test prep more collaborative.

We’re a fast-growing education technology company that’s sprinting to build new features for the fanatically loyal subscribers who depend on us to conquer standardized tests with their peers.

Our small, remote team moves at the pace of a startup, but we’ve been profitable since the day we were founded in 2012. If you come to 7Sage, you’ll have a chance to work on thorny problems that immediately improve our users’ experience, with no red tape, no pressure from investors, and no fiscal cliff.

Our Stack

7Sage is built on WordPress, PHP, MySQL, VueJS, and JavaScript, but we’re working on a brand-new site built with Typescript, React, Phoenix, Elixir, and PostgreSQL. Engineers who join our team will have a huge amount of autonomy in refactoring and reimagining the current site or building something better from scratch. It’s all green field.

Our Culture

7Sage’s dev team is relatively flat and very friendly. You might be a good fit if you…

  • Question processes and try to come up with your own answers
  • Offer help to others and receive feedback with humility
  • Care about maximizing quality but understand how to deliver minimally viable solutions

7Sage offers excellent work-life balance. We work as efficiently as possible—and then relax.

Benefits and Compensation

7Sage offers highly competitive salaries. Benefits include…

  • Fully-remote work
  • 401(K) matching (3.5% for American employees only)
  • Fully-paid health care (American employees only)
  • Equipment budget
  • Generous vacation and sick leave

Hiring Process

We care about what you can do, not what you’ve done. Although we’ll consider your résumé, we base our decisions primarily on challenge problems and projects. Here’s how it works:

  1. You finish reading this and email jobs@7sage.com.
    1. Put your name and the role you’re applying for in the subject line.
    2. Write a few sentences about why you think we might be a good fit—but don’t send a whole cover letter.
    3. Attach your résumé, even if you don’t have much experience.
  2. We send you a challenge problem. You ask questions, if you like, and tell us when we can expect a solution.
  3. If we like your solution, we have an hour-long interview.
  4. We give you one more paid challenge problem.

That’s it! If you knock our socks off, we’ll make you an offer.

Open Positions

Front-End Engineer

7Sage was built to host great content, and it does. Now we’re reimagining the platform not just as a repository of learning materials but as an app. That’s where you come in.

You Will

  • Architect and build maintainable web apps from scratch.
  • Enhance existing components with thoughtful design tweaks and delightful features.

Your Skills

We’re looking for a developer with a feel for beauty, design, and UX.

Candidates must be competent in TypeScript, React, and vanilla Javascript. The ideal candidate will also have experience in our current stack (WordPress, PHP, MySQL), our new stack (Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL), or both.

Back-End Engineer

We’re completely re-architecting our site, and we’re looking for developers who can either help us maintain and enhance our current PHP/WordPress site or help us build a new one in Elixir and Phoenix. The ideal candidate can do both, and help us transition from one to another.

Full-Stack Engineer

See what we’re looking for in a front-end engineer? See what we’re looking for in a back-end engineer? If you can do both, hot dog! We want to talk to you.

Data Visualization Expert

Close your eyes. Visualize yourself at a company with millions of numbers that tell thousands of stories—and no good way to tell them. Can you help?

You will

  • Analyze our users’ performance on drills and practice tests, and give users insights on how to improve
  • Bring dry data about law school rankings, financial aid, and first-year class profiles to life with colorful charts
  • Find and visualize trends in the test prep industry

Your Skills

Typescript, React, and experience with charting libraries are a must. Data science and statistical skills are a big plus.