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Questions I Got Wrong · Alex Jacobs

Event Series Questions I Got Wrong
Logical Reasoning

Did you know that 7Sage instructors didn't start out as bona fide LSAT superhumans? The road to LSAT mastery is paved with many wrong answers. Join Alex each week as he revisits questions he got wrong while studying for his own LSAT way back when. Test your skills against Alex's past attempts, and gain valuable insights as he shares how his strategies and approaches have evolved over […]

LR in Action with Bailey and Alex · Bailey Luber

Event Series LR in Action
Strategy Timing

Join senior 7Sage LSAT instructors Bailey and Alex as they tackle unprepared LSAT questions in real-time, offering you a window into their thought processes and strategies while the clock is ticking. How does a top scorer approach timing differently, and which habits are most effective?

June LSAT Study Group [Cameras On!] · Bailey Luber

Event Series June Study Group
Study Group Camera On

Studying for the June LSAT? Join us on Thursdays to swap strategies and review LSAT material. This is a cameras-on, mics-on, student-led group with some facilitation help from Live Class Instructor Bailey Luber. In some sessions, we'll review a section we've done beforehand. In other sessions, we'll all do a drill at the same time, […]

Logic Game Of The Day · Alex Jacobs

Event Series Logic Game Of The Day
Logic Games Advanced Camera Off

Join us daily for everyone's favorite LSAT subject...Logic Games! Each day introduces a new game, scaling up from 1-star games on Mondays to challenging 5-star games on Fridays. Class Structure: Students will be given time to attempt the game themselves in class. The instructor will then walk through various different ways to solve the game, […]

The Spectrum of Support · Katie Huffman

Event Series The Spectrum of Support
Logical Reasoning Advanced

Are you struggling to understand the notion of support and how it plays a role in Logical Reasoning? In this interactive class series, we'll guide you through an in-depth exploration and analysis of various types of questions within the strengthening subset, including NA, Strengthen, PSAr, and SA. Join 7Sage instructor Katie Huffman as she illuminates […]

7Sage Orientation [FREE] · Bailey Luber

Event Series 7Sage Orientation [FREE]
Free General Strategy Camera Off

Embark on your LSAT journey by attending 7Sage Orientation! Specifically designed to guide LSAT beginners, this class offers a clear roadmap, strategic study plans, and a wealth of essential resources to provide you with the tools needed to kickstart your LSAT preparation. Best of all, we're offering this empowering session at no cost, showing our […]