Live Classes and Webinars

Demystifying RC || Bailey Luber

live class reading comprehension

Reading Comprehension doesn't have to be so intimidating—or mystifying! We break down everything from strategies for difficult passages to those elusive inference questions, covering topics from science and history to law and philosophy. Tune in weekly for new insights, real-time guidance, and answers to all of your RC-related questions. Bailey's Notes:   Interested in private […]

Question Type Crash Course || Raphael Piliero

logical reasoning live class

Are you struggling with Logical Reasoning? Wish you could learn from a pro? Join a 180-scorer weekly for a crash course on LR question types, covering one new question type each week. We’ll do a brief lecture and then run through practice questions, from the simplest to the 5-star curve breakers. Raphael's Notes:   […]

Building Boards || Raphael Piliero

live class logic games

Do you get the Logic Games fundamentals but still struggle with some of the games later in the section? Join a 180-scorer to tackle how to build boards to tackle increasingly-challenging games. Note: you need to be logged in to see the join button! Raphael's Notes:   Interested in private tutoring? Book a free […]

Sufficient Assumption Analysis || Henry Ewing

logical reasoning live class

Note: This will be the last class on Sufficient Assumption Analysis!  If you are looking for a class that breaks down different assumption types in an in-depth way, this class is for you! Join 7Sage master Henry in exploring the methods of differentiating between assumptions and their difficult counterpart; the pseudo assumption. Henry's Notes:   […]

The Flaw Factory || Julia Greve

live class reading comprehension advanced

Do you struggle with the Flaw question type in logical reasoning? If so, this class is for you! Join 7Sage LR guru Julia in this exploration of flaws. Each session will examine a specific type of flaw and corresponding questions. Julia's Notes:   Interested in private tutoring? Book a free consultation with Julia here to find […]

Science and the LSAT || Alex Jacobs

logical reasoning live class

Students who are new to the LSAT are often surprised by the amount of scientific theory and technical jargon found throughout the test. Though the science material on the LSAT may seem intimidating, students really only need a basic understanding of some core scientific concepts. This four part class will explore the science content on […]

Advanced Reading Bootcamp || Julia Greve

reading comprehension advanced live class

Reading Comprehension is rumored to be the most difficult LSAT section to master. But it doesn't have to be! Join 7Sage tutor and former high school match teacher Julia in discussing the drilling techniques most effective in findings your personalized strategy for RC. This class will use difficult rated passages to explore textual analysis. Julia's […]

Before the Questions || Julia Greve

logical reasoning live class

There are a long list of rules and words we want to memorize to prepare ourselves for LSAT questions. Join 7Sage tutor and former high school math teacher Julia each Friday to try out effective drilling methods. We will complete together a few questions here and there, but our main focus will be on methods […]

Beating Curvebreakers || Raphael Piliero

logical reasoning live class

Ever puzzled by a 5-star question, even after watching the video? This class is for you! You’ll run through the hardest LR questions live and get to ask for follow-up explanations from a 180-scorer.   NOTE: You need to be logged in to see the join button!   Book a free tutoring consultation with Raphael […]

Hard Passages || Chris Nguyen

live class reading comprehension advanced

Need help understanding those pesky, dense RC passages? In this class, you'll go through hard 4-5 star passages with one of 7Sage's most experienced tutors!     Chris's Notes: Book a free tutoring consultation with Chris here:

RC: Breaking It Down || Raphael Piliero

live class reading comprehension

Join 180-point scorer Raphael in a discussion on how to break down introductory Reading Comprehension passages as quickly and efficiently as possible.   The Join button will appear on this page 15 minutes before the class begins. NOTE: You need to be logged in to see the button!   Book a free tutoring consultation with […]

Introduction to Logic Games || Aastha Sinha

live class logic games

Struggling to get a handle on Logic Games? In this class, you will learn the basic skills you need to move through Logic Games quickly and accurately. We'll be going over key game types, which questions to tackle first, and the best way to set up your game board.   NOTE: You need to be […]