Live Classes and Webinars

Reading Mastery · Aastha Sinha

Event Series Reading Mastery
Live Class Reading Comprehension

Mastering Reading Comprehension doesn’t have to be a struggle! In this class, we will go over intermediate-level RC strategies to ensure you're able to understand every passage that you tackle. […]

Game Theory · Henry Ewing

Event Series Game Theory
Live Class Logic Games Free-for-Paid

I hope you are Ready Player One because this class is all about games! Every week we go over how to set up the board and attack the questions of […]

Demystifying RC · Bailey Luber

Event Series Demystifying RC
Live Class Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension doesn't have to be so intimidating—or mystifying! We break down everything from strategies for difficult passages to those elusive inference questions, covering topics from science and history to […]