7Sage Fee Waiver Program

7Sage’s Fee Waiver Program allows students who have LSAC fee waivers to access our LSAT prep curriculum at reduced cost.

If you have a fee waiver, you can enroll in our Fee Waiver Program and access 7Sage Monthly + Live for $1 as long as your fee waiver is active.

To take part in this program you need to:

  1. Sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one. (If you already have an existing account, do not sign up for a new one, because it will cause problems with linking Prep Plus.
  2. Get an official LSAC LSAT Prep Plus subscription from LSAC. This is required for all 7Sage subscriptions, including Fee Waiver subscriptions. You should get this for free from LSAC with your fee waiver. If you have trouble with this step, please contact LSAC directly for assistance.
  3. Send your fee waiver PDF to studentservice@7sage.com to confirm your status. It is a PDF from LSAC that says “We are pleased to inform you that your request for a fee waiver has been approved…”
  4. Pay $1 using the button below after your fee-waiver status is confirmed.

Your access will last for one year. If you renew your fee waiver for the next year, email our Student Service team to extend your access.

Fee waiver status not confirmed