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How do I answer to the App Q that asks what other schools I've applied for?

lsnnnnn0011lsnnnnn0011 Alum Member
in General 227 karma
Some schools ask what other schools I applied for...If it's not required to answer the question, should I leave it blank?


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    Dude I had this exact same question. I was super apprehensive for my responses. Eventually I decided my strategy was to put similar schools that the law schools competes with, perhaps urging them to give me a quick response or give me some money.

    I could be way off on this one, I dont know!
  • Dark Knight VDark Knight V Member
    194 karma
    I was wondering the same thing. I'm applying to many (and a wide-range) of schools.
  • Accounts PlayableAccounts Playable Alum Sage
    3107 karma
    On the T14 apps, this question wasn't mandatory to answer, so you could potentially leave it blank. I think listing other peer schools is fine. More importantly, it doesn't really matter since the people reading your apps have been doing this for a while. They can figure out what other schools you are likely going to apply to. If you have a 180 and 4.0, Georgetown knows you are throwing an app at Yale even if you don't say so.
  • esteeroseesteerose Alum Member
    382 karma
    One of my applications had a character max, and I couldn't put all the schools there. I just put a competing one.
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