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6 Fresh PTs... How to space them out before February?

jennyleejhjennyleejh Alum Member
edited January 2017 in February 2017 LSAT 145 karma
I'm going to take the February LSAT in a few weeks and obviously I'm freaking out. I have 6 Fresh PTs left (the most recent ones) but I just don't know how to space them out.

Problem is I was hitting an average of 171~3 on my timed PTs but devastatingly, today my score dropped to 167 (I bombed one LR section - 7 wrong, I usually get -2, -3 and Reading was little more difficult than usual). That's almost close to my starting score (165) and I now fear that I haven't been studying the right way. My target score is around a 175, which so far I've only managed to get with BRs.

Should I space out my 6 remaining tests so that I do about 2 tests per week till February, or save most of them till the last week before the test and hope for a jump in my score?? ANY ADVICE WOULD BE INCREDIBLY HELPFUL! Thanks!!


  • mcmlaw36mcmlaw36 Alum Member
    631 karma

    I'm writing Feb as well and also have several of the 70's to do in the next couple of weeks. I plan to do 3 a week, with heavy BR the day after each full PT.

    Just a heads up - the 70's, for me anyway, have increased in difficulty compared to 50's/60's. You're clearly scoring very highly (congrats), so I wouldn't worry too much, but they do get harder. So make sure you fit those in and don't be too worried if your score drops a bit. Make sure you do a heavy BR if that is the case, and find out exactly where you're going wrong.

    In my opinion, you should be extremely proud if you are able to stay in the mid 170's for the most recent tests, and if not, don't let the frustration get to ya. Keep at it :)
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Alum Member Sage 🍌
    26300 karma
    Definitely don't save all of them for the last week!

    You probably won't get very much out of them by taking all of them at this point. Focus on getting as much as you can out of each one that you do take.

    The difficulty in LG takes a significant jump in the late 70's, but it's not that the games are harder. They start throwing a lot of weird games in that we just aren't used to, so you've got to be much more creative. Practicing how to figure out new game types is essential and drilling miscellaneous games from the early PTs is a really beneficial exercise at this. I wouldn't even worry about fool proofing this close to time. The point isn't to master games, it's to develop creative approaches on the fly.

    RC changes the least, so you probably don't have time to invest in it.

    In LR, the language gets a little trickier. The logic is the same as ever, but the language is harder and so correctly translating the English into logic is harder. Read carefully and make sure you're breaking down the grammar in BR for any stimulus/AC that gives you issues.
  • jennyleejhjennyleejh Alum Member
    145 karma
    Thank you both for your valuable insight! It's sort of a relief to know that the 70s tests are different in one or more ways. Maybe I just need more review and TIME to let the changes sink in. I'll definitely do a more intense BR to figure out where I'm going wrong. Thank you for the wise words and I hope to recover from my drop soon! XD
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