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Truths hard learned to ease your study woes?

MoosaderMoosader Alum Member
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Here are three of mine. If you're feeling it, list some of yours to help a brother out.

1. Big dreams take time - society demands that you be more impressive and they demand it now; LSAC demands that you be more impressive, but at a time convenient to you.
2. To clean your room well, it must first get dirtier. Decide how clean you want the room, and stay committed as the dirt reveals itself. Anticipate failure because if it was easy, it wouldn't be worth your ambition.
3. Your value as a human being is not determined by LSAC or by the expectations of your peers.


  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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    Bumping this to the top so more people can see it!
  • danielznelsondanielznelson Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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    Nice!! Thank you for posting!
  • dennisgerrarddennisgerrard Alum Member
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    Definitely need this one when I argued with my father and did PT 16 LG,:) Life is hard and LSAT is long.
  • lmekahellmekahel Alum Member
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    Those points are so relevant! Thanks for that.
    I've definitely learned this through the highs and lows of the LSATs so far.
    1) No matter what score you get, good or bad, studying for the LSAT and the material on the LSAT is valuable for everyday life. Look at the experience as something positive. Especially when you are at your lowest and want to give up.

    2) Yes, your dreams are important, but try not to get lost in it. It's always great to aim high. But don't forget that although you worked hard, put hundreds of hours, and really truly deserve to get into to your dream school, there's a chance it might not happen. You may not be able to get into the schools you were aiming for, but there are other paths and opportunities you can take to become a great lawyer.
  • MoosaderMoosader Alum Member
    234 karma
    Thanks friends! @lmekahel those are quality, super true
  • SamiSami Monthly + Live Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    edited January 2017 10732 karma
    I love what you have written above <3 Thank you for this.

    One thing I have learned over time is maintenance and doing a bit every day consistently goes a long way than radically fixing at the end. For example, its easier to keep a room clean if you spend 5 minutes cleaning your room everyday versus letting it get really dirty and then cleaning it one day. Similarly with LSAT, consistent and a little prep everyday can go a long way than studying only on the weekend for 8-10 hours. Our brain after a while is just not as fresh and alert as it is at certain times of day each morning <3
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