PT29.S1.Q08 - nutritionist: many people claim that

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Hi! I am struggling to see why D is right over E. When I first solved this Q, I selected D, but after I did BR, I chose E.

D) I initially liked answer D. However, when I reread the stimulus, I focused on the part that says for MANY people, a high consumption of simple carbs will lead to excessive production of insulin. The stimulus says MANY, not ALL. So I thought D was too general/ strong. Maybe for some people, a high intake of simple carb does not lead to excessive production of insulin, and thus fat gain.

E) So this answer talks about people who do NOT produce an excessive amount of insulin. We don't know much about them, but we do know that eating simple carbs would cause less weight gain than those who produce an excessive amount. If they restrict ONLY their consumption of simple carbs, they will not lose weight. -> I thought this was not fully supported, but not entirely wrong. We don't know if they will or will not lose weight. I thought "WILL NOT" is pretty strong.

I view both D and E to be flawed, so I am not sure why D would be a more compelling answer.
What makes D's flaw less fatal? What makes D a more compelling answer?
I listened to JY's explanation and also searched Manhattan forum, and I still can't articulate exactly why D would be a better answer.


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    What we know from the stimulus is that eating a lot of carbohydrates produces a lot of insulin and that insulin can cause weight gain (fat gain) for some people. (D) says "Don't eat carbohydrates if you don't wish to gain fat!" So I think (D) is most strongly supported.

    For (E), we don't know the lack of insulin inhibits weight loss.

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    I agree with akistotle, including carbohydrates will give rise to weight gain. So you must reduce the carb consumption and include fat burning food items in your diet.

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