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What is the main difference between Strengthen, PSA and, SA questions?

JoshMustStudyJoshMustStudy Alum Member
edited August 2014 in General 22 karma
Can someone please explain briefly the differences of these three LR question types and how we should approach each type? Just a brief, helpful, cheatsheet type of explanation would be great. Thanks!!


  • mrlsat180mrlsat180 Alum Member
    118 karma
    The answer for an SA will make the argument perfect, the answer for PSA will make it nearly perfect, the answer for strengthen only needs to make the argument slightly better.
  • mjjohns6mjjohns6 Member
    418 karma
    -Strengthen question types will have some/weak support. The answer choice you chose will strengthen the argument just by a little and assumptions will still exist.
    -PSA will make a decent argument almost perfect. "Just a little bit lacking – not exactly airtight."
    -SA will make a decent argument PERFECT! No assumptions whatsoever.
    You’re given the conclusion and all the premises (minus one). You’re asked to supply that missing premise which will make the argument valid.
  • mjjohns6mjjohns6 Member
    418 karma
    "PSA questions ask you to identify an assumption that is *almost* sufficient to conclude that the reasoning in the stimulus is valid. Alone, it can't take the argument to the point of complete validity, but it gets most of the way there."
  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    13767 karma
    Great explanations everyone!

    Just in case you need to review, this is the lesson that answers this question:
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