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When to use the latest PT's (Sept 2014)

chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
edited August 2014 in General 827 karma
Hey everyone,

I am scheduled to write the LSAT on September 27th. So far I have saved PT's 62-72 till the testing date drew closer. However, my question is at what point should we dig into these tests? Right now I have to use the test during the 2nd/3rd week of September. Leaving the week of the actual LSAT to a few older (maybe previously taken or partially used) PT's. This way I can get a good understanding from the newer ones. Is this the right way of going about it? I did not want to use some of the newer ones during the actual week of the real LSAT, as my thoughts are I won't be able to gain as much from them since they are so close to the actual date?

I am curious to know what others are doing/what they intend to do with the most recent PT's.


  • Allison MAllison M Alum Member Inactive Sage
    edited August 2014 810 karma
    Personally, I've started alternating between newer and older PTs. Like you, I'm worried that if I wait too long, I won't be able to learn anything from the most recent PTs. I'll be doing the tests in the 60s between now and the beginning of September.

    I'm really interested to hear what others have to say, though!
  • chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
    827 karma
    Thats pretty much what I have been doing (alternating). Thing is for me, having done the LSAT trainer and following Mike Kims study guide, most of the test between 52-61 were used for drills. I have a few tests (2-3) where only the LG section is complete or like the LG and maybe 1-2 passages or a few random LR questions. So I will likely reuse the entire test as a timed test since most of it will be fresh to me. I know it wont be a good indicator of my score range, but I am having trouble with timing at the moment so I will use those just to get a feel for pacing. What do you think? I want to make sure I get the absolute most out of my 10 most recent ones.
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