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How to get BR score to 180?

septemberseptember Alum Member
in Logic Games 163 karma

I am currently hovering round a BR score of 174.

I usually make about 4 to 5 overconfidence errors, spread out over LR and RC.

Sometimes I get a question wrong in my BR as well. How do I fix that?

I usually go through the whole exam.

Also, what are your thoughts on retaking PTs?


  • mcneeleytmcneeleyt Member
    edited May 2017 64 karma

    Well congratulations on the score you're hovering at! I finally got a 180 on a PT after about a 1.5 years of studying, though I doubt I'll score that when the actual test day comes. Still feels very rewarding to achieve, and I'm sure you can hit it too.

    My errors are similar, it's always a few in LR and RC. The only advice I would have is to maybe slow down and consistently do a few drills in LR. I like to go question by question and write out why the other answers are wrong as to solidify my confidence in my answer choice and confidence in my reasoning, and I've seen results from doing so. For RC, I'm just doing at least a section a day up to the June LSAT to keep it fresh in my brain/practice the few I get wrong due to overconfidence.

    I think retaking PT's can be valuable, but it also leads me sometimes going, "huh. did I chose this answer last time and it was wrong?" and thus choosing a different, usually wrong answer. I think the RC sections are great for rereading though, for you don't have to reread as closely and can usually skim. Even LG if it's a game you are particularly not confident with.

    ** Forgot to add, I don't do BR. I haven't found it to be useful at all, for all it is to me is a 2nd chance at getting it correct, kind of like mental crutch instead of admitting to yourself, "I am not 100% confident in my answer." If you're not at 100% with your answer choice that means you need to study that question stem/section better and that you haven't completely mastered it, not that you'll maybe get it right on test day. It's a harder but more beneficial approach just to have the opportunity to answer once, like actual test day conditions. Not sure if that could apply to your studying, but just wanted to add it for my advice!

  • septemberseptember Alum Member
    163 karma

    @mcneeleyt Thank you for your advice!

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