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Is Perfecting Logic Games Possible For Me?

Seeking PerfectionSeeking Perfection Alum Member
edited May 2017 in Logic Games 4423 karma


Would this be the best plan to perfect the logic games by September 15?

  1. Finish the core material as fast as I can. I am 40 percent of the way through and started last Thursday. I'll obviously slow down a little now that I am through a lot of the logical reasoning stuff.

  2. Foolproof games 1-35.

  3. Resume PTing with blind review. I haven't used any of the newest 20 tests. I have the newest book of tests on its way in the mail and will purchase the next ten whenever they come out after the June test. I have used a lot of the other old tests, but may add one of them in directly before or after each of my new practice tests in order to build endurance.

Thanks for any feedback, especially by people who have improved on and ideally nearly perfected logic games. They are my one hangup on the test and thankfully according to 7sage are a weakness that seems fixable.

Context about me and the test:

I am retaking a 172 from the February test in September. For the February test, I studied for about 3 weeks predominantly by PTing and have been intermittantly since. Logical reasoning is very intuitive to me. I miss an average of one in the two sections on each test. Reading comprehension is similar, though I miss a few more (about 1-3 in the one section). Logic games I can get the right answers with sufficient time, but struggle to finish. I did not complete the last game during my test in February guessing blindly on the last 2 questions and close to blindly on the preceding ones from that game. I really haven't got better or worse by practice testing and reviewing (but not blind reviewing) since February(however I did discover 7sage through the logic games explanations). I average 173 with the vast majority of errors on logic games.


  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
    9366 karma

    Wow you scored 172 on the actual test!? First of all, congratulations! That is a very good score. I am guessing you are naturally very good at LR and RC. I wish I could have such a good score!!

    If you would like to maximize your LG score, you should definitely foolproof all the games on PT1-35 and the PT you've already done. I think I nearly perfected LG using @Pacifico 's Logic Games Attack Strategy:

  • Daniel.SieradzkiDaniel.Sieradzki Member Sage
    2301 karma

    It is absolutely possible! You are in the best possible position with fantastic LR and RC scores.

    LG is just a skill, anyone can master it with sufficient practice. As @akistotle mentioned, just foolproof all games from PT 1-35, try Pacifico's strategy, and then try your skills out on some new PTs. I took this a step further and also fool proofed a lot of games from the later PTs that I had already taken. There are some tricky games from the PT 40s, 50s, and 60s that provide some great practice if you have already taken those PTs. Basically foolproof all the LG from all the PTs you have ever taken. After that, I was able to almost always go -0 with decent time to spare (5 minutes).

    You are going to crush it in September! Good luck!

  • Seeking PerfectionSeeking Perfection Alum Member
    4423 karma

    Thanks for the feedback. I have the binders full of 4 of each of the logic games sections all printed out and waiting for me to finish the course material.

  • FSU_27FSU_27 Free Trial Member
    22 karma

    You're in a great spot! I'm envious! Foolproof those games

  • BirdLaw818BirdLaw818 Free Trial Member
    553 karma

    Do them all, Then do em again. You look like you know what you're doing. Take your time with them the first round and try to make detailed diagrams and chart as much as you can so you see how the pieces work with the game boards, work your way through the answers, then on your second lap time yourself.

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