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Please help! So lost with 6 weeks left!

clay7760308clay7760308 Alum Member
edited August 2014 in General 23 karma
I’ve been studying the LSAT for over 8 months now and am taking an all or nothing approach to September. I had high hopes of getting a low 170 score so I could get into top law schools, but this score is looking more and more like a dream rather than a possibility. The highest score I’ve gotten is a 168, and I’m generally in the 165-167 range, sometimes a point or two lower. Here is my issue: I’ve drilled all the types of questions from 1-38 (LR, RC, LG), and have taken a majority of the prep tests. I have about 15 clean tests left leading up until test day. On the tests, I am almost always getting the same distribution of wrong answers. I review all my tests thoroughly through 7sage, Manhattan forums, and other ways, but I don’t know how the heck I’m supposed to improve here. My distribution is, generally, LR: 5-8 (total), LG (1-3), RC (4-6). For LR, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious disconnect; I’m not getting the same types consistently wrong. It always just seems like I miss a couple of the 5 star difficulty questions each round. There’s no doubt I’m learning some of the intricacies of wrong answers and some of the trap choices, and some of the trends with question types, but I always, when taking the test, get dumbfounded by a couple of questions. I have no idea what to do because it happens every time. LG, I have a good grasp, but for some reason I just screw a question or two up anyway. RC, I don’t even know, there’s just always a couple of questions that throw me off. I’ve tried like every method of RC, but some of those killer questions just throw me for a loop each time, or I’ll run out of time at the end and screw up. Anyone have advice moving forward? At this point with a 3.9+ gpa, I would probably be satisfied with a upper 160 score, but I’m a little nervous of even that so I have to do something here.


  • kim82288kim82288 Alum Member
    12 karma
    have you considered a session of private tutoring? maybe talking through your understanding of the concepts and your existing approaches to questions may shed some perspective and help you see things differently. you can read the reviews on tutoring and decide. best of luck!
  • polsckenpolscken Alum Member
    199 karma
    I'm in the same boat. Been studying since May and each test has something that gets me.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Free Trial
    310 karma
    you're posting in the right place. sign up for a 7sage course. they'll help you out. They'll give you much needed guidance and structure to your prep. It doesn't matter how much time one spends studying or how much material they burn through, its all about proper METHODOLOGY. Easy to preach the essentials but hard to replicate/implement it
  • Nilesh SNilesh S Alum Inactive ⭐
    3438 karma
    Yes Clay... try working with either Graeme Blake or Jonathan Wang... both are excellent
  • chase62442chase62442 Alum Member
    79 karma
    Blind review. It's what has started to push me past the score that I was getting and toward what I want to get.
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